The war in Ukraine is a ghastly tragedy and an outrageous event that can never be justified. The war has catastrophic effect on the lives of millions of people not only in Ukraine 🇺🇦, but around the whole world. The team of Flatlogic strongly condemns all acts of violence wherever they appear.

Our headquarters are located in Lithuania, we are originally from Belarus, but we also have lots of our employees in Ukraine. That’s why we were directly affected by these appalling events. We understand the pain and devastating losses of Ukrainians and try to help in a way we can by sharing a free year of access to Flatlogic platform for all developers (software engineers, IT companies) from Ukraine. Please contact us to get free access to Flatlogic platform.

We are committed to supporting the people of Ukraine and continue to work in conjunction with our software engineers, customers, and partners as a global community to help Ukraine and the people of Ukraine everywhere.