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This topic contains questions and answers related to React Templates - Admin templates built with the latest version of React. If you have trouble launching the project or have general questions feel free to post them here - this is the fastest way to receive a response.

how to make my side bar responsive

hello , i want to open and close the side bar with a button and not being fixed like this way . thank you

Can yarn build but when open build/index.html show blank page

I try to change "homepage" : "." but nothing happens. I running on ubuntu 20.04

Github broken, Documentation Broken

Hello. I'm very disappointed. I'm paying $100 and nothing is working. The documentation straight up doesn't work, GitHub says I don't have a sub even tho on the product page it said 3 months fre...

D3 Chart Example

Has anybody got an example of adding a D3 chart to the light blue react template? I know that D3 is included but there doesn't seem to be anything in the documentation around how to use it?

Unable to set up the code

We are unable to set up the code login is not working Something went wrong RepositoryNotFoundError: No repository for "Users" was found. Looks like this entity is not registered in current "defau...

How do I implement Microsoft login with MSAL?

I'm completely stuck trying to get a MSAL based Microsoft login system to work (possibly don't know enough about React).... On the pages/auth/Auth.js page I've got <MsalProvider instance={msa...

User management page

hy, i've managed to install and run sing app react with node.js backend on a mysql db:)). i cand register from the front-end form just fine even with google account. My question is, on the User...

React Template: Hooks or Classes?

What was used in React template, Hooks or Classes?

On profile page there is no way to change profile pic

On the edit profile page there is no option to change the profile pic

Most dependencies are deprecated and don't work with nodejs 16

Good day. I am running node version 16 on my machine and when trying to install dependencies in both the frontend and backend, almost all of the are deprecated. I tried installing their current ver...

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