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What features are needed in the Web Application Generator! 🚀

Hello everyone! My name is Philip, I am CEO at Flatlogic. I would be happy to learn what do you think are the features needed in the [generator](https://flatlogic.com/generator)? Please sh...

Flatlogic Guest Post Program

Hello, I hope you are doing well. Guys, please agree on guest post topics, the ideal topic would be about something about email marketing. Also, do those pages have blog guidelines, what is the ...

Can I redesign the data model after production?

Hi team, I am not a developer, but trying to use my general IT understanding to use FL as a no-code/low-code tool to create my own MVPs. I did create an app but realized that the data model doe...

Laravel 10

What are the new features in laravel 10?

How do I fix the deploy error, make a linked field compulsory, and upload a file

Hi guys, Please see this video for an explanation of my questions, which are: https://www.loom.com/share/71971f202be4430bac050d453eef75e8?sid=47777690-dcd9-4b8b-aed5-9e335b744668 1) How ...

Roadmap: Full-stack Web Application Generator

Hello there! We are planning to continuously upgrade, maintain and support the generator, by adding new features, conducting customer surveys, keeping the codebase up-to-date and everything poss...

classic theme

how can i use the classic theme, i guess is the sing app react , instead of material ui?

How do I host the frontend on Heroku ?

I uploaded all the files to GitHub and linked it to the Heroku which I deployed successfully. But after going to the link I only see a blank page. No any errors. Locally my application runs withou...

Create APP

i try to create one app, but when i stay in phase 3 and click to create an app, the site starts again from the beggining

How do i search poeple in table list?

Hy, i have a table with 400 poeple showing as 10 poeple on the page. When i search for someone it is searching only in those 10 poeple in the page. How can modify the search to show me the person i...

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