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Ive emailed support a few times for the past wee and have gotten no response. I recently purchased the template bundle and was trying the bookkeeper app template. Is there a separate repository for this app? The download link I was sent is inactive, and the private GitHub templates haven't been updated in 2 years. I encountered numerous issues. When trying to start the app, it fails to run and produces a list of vulnerabilities and errors. Running npm audit fix only partially resolves the issues and appears to break the app UI. Specifically, I found 88 vulnerabilities (3 low, 45 moderate, 33 high, 7 critical) in 2029 scanned packages. Which seems excessive for a $120 app and no updates for 2 years.

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Our apologies for the delayed response. The issues you've encountered with the Bookkeeper app template have been addressed and resolved. The template has been updated, and you can access it through the following link:

Please re-download the template and follow the provided instructions to start the app. If you encounter any further issues or have questions, do not hesitate to reach out.

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