Acctivate Lavarel backend


I requested the activation of the Laravel backend for my account 2.5 days ago via email.

As it has not yet been activated, and I have good experience with the quick reaction to entries here, I'll try it this way. So greate thanks for all the good support so far.

At that occasion, maybe you can enlighten us all, why Laravel is not active by default? Probably functionality is still somewhat limited for this backend? What can we expect, what should we consider when working with Laravel backend?

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Thank you for your patience and for reaching out. Regarding the activation of the Laravel backend, I apologize for the delay. Could you resend this email to me, please? My email - [email protected] (don't forget to drop the link on your project, that you want to move to Laravel)

Why Laravel is not active by default: Currently, our primary focus is on React and Node.js for the backend as they provide robust and scalable solutions for a wide range of applications. Laravel, while powerful, is not yet our main priority.

What to Expect and Consider with Laravel Backend: - Basic CRUD Operations: You can expect to perform basic Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) operations effectively. - Authentication and Authorization: Standard authentication and authorization features will be available. - Customization: You will still have the ability to customize and extend the generated code, although some advanced features might require manual implementation.


Hey Erik, thanks for taking over! As I´m pretty proficient in PHP and MVC frameworks manual adjustments will be much easier in this backend than in the node.js one :-), so that´s not a problem. Actually, I would like to be able to create a new project and idealy be able to decide each time on the (for a new project) on the backend technology. If that´s not possible, can you then make lavarell the default backend technology in my account (for now)?

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Unfortunately, we cannot set Laravel as the default backend for a specific account. However, as I mentioned before, we can manually set it up for your projects. Please resend the email with the link to the project you want to move to Laravel to [email protected]. Thank you!


OK, I'll see if I find time this weekend to build something of relevance. I'll email you once the app is ready for the switch to Lavarel (and include the link). Won't be before Monday! So have a great weekend meanwhile! Thanks!

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Great. Thank you. Wish you a great weekend too!

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