Tech Stack

The first step you should do is to Log In to your account in Flatlogic by your email, GitHub or Gmail accounts.

Create web app button will open a new page to build your first application. Here is a video example how to choose the Tech Stack.

Firstly, you need to choose an application name that should be written only in the Latin keyboard layout, it can also contain spaces, numbers and signs.

Afterwards, you need to choose your project Stack. Stack is bundles of software that comprise your site’s back-end – everything from the operating system and web servers to APIs and programming frameworks. Each component provides a layer for their compatibility, and bundling them makes them easier to download and deploy all at once. The stack consists of three parts:

  • Frontend – front-facing part of the app, the one end-users interact with. For developers these are buttons, layouts, navigation, images, graphics, animations, content organization;

  • Backend – business logic of the application. The side of the web app end-users doesn’t see. It’s what makes a site interactive, the program itself (building code, troubleshooting and debugging web applications, databases management, framework utilization);

  • No-Backend - simple and clear frontend application, generated by the framework CLI.

  • Database – is a place to store and access real-world information in a structured way.

In each part you will have the following options to choose from:

Thus, you have more than 20 combinations to choose from to create a web application.

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