Is the schema editor broken? Not seeing any options to add fields etc.


Hi, I sent an email with a screenshot about what I am experiencing but I got an auto response to send a message via this forum for faster support.

The issue I have is I am using my phone (I bought a galaxy fold 4 which has a tablet like screen) so I can use for work like stuff like this.

Anyways, I cannot seem to get see any options to add or edit fields in the schema editor tab. I think maybe something is broken in the background?

Can someone look into this? I can't actually build anything noteworthy until this is resolved.


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Hi there,

Of course, our platform is designed to work on a PC or laptop, but everything works on a phone and a small screen, except that you have to scroll horizontally because the whole table does not fit. So you have to select the entity you want to change and scroll to the right and all the functions are there.


Unfortunately not and I have a Galaxy Z Fold which has a large screen unlike most other phones - I would have love to provide a screenshot here to show but I don't see a way to upload files / screenshots

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Everything works on my phone, I have a smaller screen and it works, make sure you click on the arrow next to the entity name.


I'm using the standard Chrome browser without any sort of blocks / plugins and it doesn't work, is there a way to provide screenshots etc to show the issue to the team?

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Please contact me via email with all your questions: [email protected]

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