How to make new Project from Scratch

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anakrimba ferilauw

How to make new Project from Scratch ? using full version of React Native Starter.

Can someone help me?

cause when i bought there is no user manual.

Thank you before.

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Hi Anakimbra,

Thanks for the question! Could you please clarify more on what do you mean by "Project from Scratch"?

Best, Eugene

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anakrimba ferilauw

Hi Sir Eugene,

I mean : can i create my own project and just add React Native Starter into it? cause when i bought React Native Starter is already become 1 project. All i Want not all of features of React Native Starter in my own project. so How to add React Native Starter into my Own Project?

Thank you before

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Michael Daineka

Hey, Anakrimba.

Sure, you can do it.

But i'd llike to propose you start building your app from RNS first because you can face compatibility issues.



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