Errors in generated apps

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Hi all,

Can someone from the Flatlogic team please help me?

When I generate an application I have the following problems:

1 - the API docs generated have the POST endpoint listed as delete and doesn't show anything but the name and/or description as the options to be sent to the endpoint, even when there are a lot of fields in the schema.

2 - Clicking any checkboxes throws a client-side error in all of the applications I've generated.

I don't mind adding my own custom code to the applications as I intend to build on them. But I'm a little concerned that the applications are generated with errors.

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Hello Richard, Let me help to you. 1 - Did you checked this page from our documentation?

2 - Could you provide more information about this issues please? For example: video or screenshots what exactly happened and steps to reproduce it. You can drop it to my email: [email protected].

Thank you

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