We have released an e-Commerce template. This is a completely new type of product for us. Previously, we focused our efforts on creating admin panels. However, we have had successful experiments in creating unique templates such as Bookkeeper (React Accounting Template), User Management Template, React Native Starter. Now we present a stunningly beautiful and minimalistic template for an online store.


react e-Commerce template


  • Server-side rendering
  • SEO module
  • Blog and CMS for it
  • Registration with email / password / name
  • Stripe integration
  • Node.js & PostgreSQL integrated

What are the required elements in an e-Commerce application? Let’s figure it out.


What tasks should these pages solve?

  • Demonstrate the assortment clearly
  • Tell about each product
  • Provide feedback
  • Provide clear information on cost, delivery and payment conditions
react e-Commerce template
react e-Commerce template
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Information pages

What could it be?

  • Store information page
  • About Team section
  • Some answers for frequently asked questions
  • Contact form
  • User page
react e-Commerce template
react e-Commerce template


What tasks does a blog solve in an online store?

  • Allows you to get more traffic from search engines
  • Allows you to place additional information about the products
  • Allow to increase the user’s time on the site
react e-Commerce template

A blog is a content marketing tool. The principle of content marketing is as follows: potential customers see, read, use your content, thanks to this, the credibility of the company increases, and these people become buyers in the future. This is the channel of communication between the company and the audience. It helps shape the image and attract search traffic by responding to users’ information requests. An important component of content marketing is content promotion. For a customer to rate an article or infographic, they must first see it. For promotion, they use announcements in social networks, on forums, targeted advertising, email newsletters, push notifications in the browser.

react e-Commerce template

Newsletter subscription form

What tasks is the newsletter intended to solve?

  • Collecting contacts of potential customers. Provides the opportunity to inform them about discounts and promotions
  • Increases the traffic of articles on the blog
  • Informs existing clients about new arrivals

The newsletter should convert visitors into buyers, stimulate repeat purchases, and keep in touch with customers.

react e-Commerce template

What other pages are there in the new e-Commerce template?

  • Page 404
  • Whishlist
  • Login
  • Chart
react e-Commerce template
react e-Commerce template
react e-Commerce template

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