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Hello, I bought the Light Blue template (developer and backend option). When I follow the README.md from the backend I get this error:

$ yarn reset

yarn run v1.22.10

$ cross-env node ./src/db/reset.js



return process.dlopen(module, path.toNamespacedPath(filename)); ^

Node v14.16.0

Npm v7.7.6

PostgreSQL 13.2, compiled by Visual C++ build 1914, 64-bit

Thanks for your help, Val


Hi Val,

Could you please clarify did you set up your postgres database?

Create db and admin user: - Before run and test connection, make sure you have created a database as described in the above configuration. You can use the psql command to create a user and database. - psql -U postgres

  • Type this command to creating a new database.
    • postgres=> CREATE DATABASE development OWNER postgres;
    • postgres=> \q

Hi vladyslav, I solved my first problem. Now the frontend is linked with the backend and the Postgres database.

I have a new problem: When I login with an Admin account, I can browse and edit the profile but when I navigate to Change Password, I get the following error:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'newPassword' of undefined

in ../src/components/FormItems/items/InputFormItem.js:54

value={form.values[name] || ''}


Please check version of formik, it should be this -> "formik": "1.5.1",


Hi vladyslav, I had the latest version of formik 2.2.6. I installed formik 1.5.8. and it works. thank you

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