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React Template Dependencies


In the flat login sing app template I found that few library are deprecated or no longer support with latest version of NodeJS ( 14v ) , this may cause severe security issue below are the few libraries. Hence we cant use the latest versin of Node. This is a major concern.

1.html-webpack-plugin 2.axios 3.eslint-loader 4.react-images 5.react-alerts 6.amcharts

also there are lot of unmet dependencies in bootstrap , connected-react-router and other libraries as well.

Michael Daineka

Hi, Vikasbasranes!

Thanks for feedback.

Ii kinda normal, 'cause upgrading these packages will cause some problems with compatibility. But we will upgrade the packages.



Has this been corrected? I'm having the same issue and having major issues with deprecated libraries no longer supported by latest version of NodeJS (14v).

This was not mentioned any where in the purchase page. I think its very important to call out to future customers unless you guys have a plan for updating these libraries.

Are there any updated?



Hi, Belgusinc!

About a week ago, we updated most of the dependencies and are gradually continuing to work in that direction.

Thanks for feedback.


Hi Alexandr,

Thanks for the reply. How do I download the latest version of the template?

I purchased the template a couple of weeks ago


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Just update the project from the repositoty.

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