I want to know how to debug frontend and backend.


I bought frontend and backend.

I want to know how to debug frontend and backend with vscode.

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Eugene Stepnov


Thanks for your message!

But could you please describe your request in more detail? What you have done and what are you expecting?

Best, Eugene


First, I want to see the backend description document. How can I access Github? My GitHub username is: opechaudry.

Currently, I am performing "start:backend" on the frontend and "start:dev" on the backend. but it does not work. The 8080 port is enabled on the server, and when I access it, it says Cannot GET /.

In addition, where should the frontend folder be located for backend to work properly?

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Hi, Opechaudry! Can you describe the frontend error in more detail? What steps do you take and what error do you get? And what kind of backend do you have?

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