How will I be able to deploy my application?

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How can I deploy this application, the documentation doesn't provide the exact steps. Also, I have downloaded the frontend+backend code. But how will I connect and access database with it?

If a step by step tutorial for it can be provided, then it will be better. (I want to deploy it on AWS)

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Thanks for the questions!

  1. As for the deployment we are not providing any exact docs on how to deploy the templates, because there are several ways how to do it: AWS, G Cloud, Heroku, etc. But here is a good guide on how to deploy any full-stack app:

  2. The access to the DB is described in the readme section on Github. (If you have now received access to the repo, please send a request to [email protected])

If I can help you more, just let me know!

Best regards, Eugene

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