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Move SMPT configuration to parameters

Make email setup easier by allowing SMTP settings to be changed right in the Flatlogic Generator's parameters. This would make setting up emails for things like password resets and sign-up confir...

Add AWS hosting

There's a conversation starting about bringing AWS hosting options into the Flatlogic Generator environment. This idea aims to offer users an easy and straightforward way to deploy their applicatio...

DB backup. Possibility to download this backup

How about to implementing a database backup feature with the ability for users to download these backups. This user-driven suggestion reflects a proactive approach to data security and the continui...

Need Video Tutorials & Guides - Non Tech Users

As a non-tech user, I want to see more relevant video tutorials or guides across different aspects of the platform. Current YouTube videos are not very helpful but very generic.

Display Specific Page as Viewable & Add Custom Pages

A user in our community has come up with a great idea: why not make it possible to show a certain page of our apps for anyone to see, with or without having to sign in? Plus, they’re suggesting tha...

Please add the feature to generate a public facing homepage

The AI asks questions about a home page (public facing page). Even after proving all the descriptions and the AI acknowledging it, the public/home/landing page doesn't get created. Please include t...

Draggable cards components

Please add components to create a Kanban board similar to kanbano[dot]co or ReactFlow. The cards should be draggable, sortable and can be assigned to a list.

Persistent Sorting/Filtering in Local Storage

The ability to save sorting and filtering settings in local storage for Flatlogic apps. This means your sorting and filtering preferences would stay put even after you close the app or refresh the ...

Generate app/tempate from image

Transform image into editable designs

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