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This topic contains questions and answers related to React Templates - Admin templates built with the latest version of React. If you have trouble launching the project or have general questions feel free to post them here - this is the fastest way to receive a response.

React Template: Hooks or Classes?

What was used in React template, Hooks or Classes?

On profile page there is no way to change profile pic

On the edit profile page there is no option to change the profile pic

Most dependencies are deprecated and don't work with nodejs 16

Good day. I am running node version 16 on my machine and when trying to install dependencies in both the frontend and backend, almost all of the are deprecated. I tried installing their current ver...

documentation not found

Documentation for NodeJS backend gives a 404 error

License question

I want to build one project with these SingApp Template on a single domain. (Do not intend to develop multiple project or services) Is this a persona license or a developer license ? Do I get th...

How do I host the frontend on Heroku ?

I uploaded all the files to GitHub and linked it to the Heroku which I deployed successfully. But after going to the link I only see a blank page. No any errors. Locally my application runs without...

How do I start the project?

I had so many problems trying to run the project, the dependecies are out of date. If I just run "yarn start" I get the following message: -------------------------------------------------- ....

any chance of un upgrade of this template?

most of the dependencies are deprecated. Also clicking on My account link get me out of the admin dashboard. Another question: is there the option of login with social accounts? like google or face...

How do I change the width of a table column?

I purchased React Material Admin Full and am using it.

Purchase Template Questions

React Material Admin Full I bought the 'React Material Admin Full'. However, the downloaded file is a free react admin template. There is no functionality found on the demo page and it is the s...

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