Cannot install on mac

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Malmisteen Preeti

Getting this error

[!] Invalid Podfile file: undefined method `build_type' for #.

from /Documents/react-native-starter/ios/Podfile:31

usereactnative!( :path => config[:reactNativePath],

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Hello, Malmisteen Preeti!

Let me catch up with one of our engineers and take care about it. If you have any additional information/logs/screenshots - let us know, please.

Thank you!

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Amannazar Bakyyev

Hello Malmisteen Preeti, I've double-checked our setup and everything is functioning correctly on our end – there are no apparent errors, and the app is launching as expected.

To delve deeper into the issue you're facing, could you also provide the following:

Template Version: Which version of the template are you using in your project?

Detailed Environment Setup: Can you describe your development environment in more detail? This includes the operating system version, any specific configurations or settings you might have, and whether you're running the app on a simulator or a physical device.

Exact Steps Taken: Please outline the exact steps you took leading up to the error. This will help us understand the workflow that led to the issue.

Logs and Screenshots: Any logs (especially around the time the error occurs) or screenshots of the error would be extremely helpful for us in diagnosing the problem.

Additional Context: Is there any other information or context regarding your project setup or the actions you're taking that you think might be relevant?

Looking forward to your response, and thank you again for working with us on this.

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