Add Event Calendar- Start/End time date picker not showing time


When you click on add event on calendar and sidebar pops up, you cannot change the time for Start Date and End Date. I looked at code and the Flatpickr seems to have time enabled, but still time is not showing up to be changed. How do I change the time?

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Eugene Stepnov

Hi Adam,

We are investigating the issue and come back to you as soon as possible.

Best, Eugene

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Hey Adam,

We will start to implement this feature in the first half of January.

Best, Eugene


You can try some of these suggestions:

Make sure that the Flatpickr library is properly configured and integrated into your project. Double check the documentation or setup instructions to confirm that the time selection is enabled correctly.

Verify that there are no JavaScript errors or conflicts occurring on the page that could prevent time selection from working properly. Check the browser console for any error messages.

Review the code responsible for initializing the Flatpickr calendar and ensure that the configuration options include a setting to enable time picking. You may need to adjust configuration parameters related to time format and input fields.

If the problem persists, consider contacting the Flatpickr community or support resources for further assistance. They can provide insights or troubleshooting tips specific to your deployment.

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