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We are happy to share with you our memorable moments, and awards in recognition of our performance

Introducing AppWizzy – Text to Web App GPT by Flatlogic!

At Flatlogic, we try to keep up with development trends🤝, so we want to introduce you to our latest GPTs: AppWizzy - Text to Web App.

by Alesia Sirotka • 5 min read

Flatlogic CEO, Philip Daineka, Interview With the WYTPod Podcast

We'd like to share a WYTPod Podcast that our CEO, Philip Daineko, recently participated in, where he shared insights on how to improve business operations with the power of custom CRM solutions and talked about the Flatlogic story.

by Alesia Sirotka • 15 min read

Introducing IoT Application Powered by Flatlogic AI Generator

IoT Dashboard: Equipped with real-time monitoring, automated management functions, and integrated secure transaction systems.

by Alesia Sirotka • 5 min read

Generate Business Applications From Description With Flatlogic Generator!

We are excited to introduce our new business application generation feature directly from text descriptions!

by Alesia Sirotka • 5 min read

Real Estate App Built in Just 3 Days Using Flatlogic Generator

We're excited to introduce you to our Real Estate App that our team built in Just 3 Days Using Flatlogic Generator!

by Alesia Sirotka • 5 min read

Introducing Roles and Permissions-Based Access Control for Applications

Define user capabilities within the system based on their roles and permissions, thereby segregating business logic.

by Alexander Rubanau • 10 min read

New Collaboration Feature in the Flatlogic Platform!

The new collaboration feature is designed to streamline teamwork and enhance project collaboration, bringing efficiency to a new level.

by Alesia Sirotka • 5 min read

[Research Results] Starting Web App in 2023

We are finally excited to share the results of our second study on how engineers start web applications in 2023!

by Alesia Sirotka • 5 min read

Flatlogic Introduces React Tailwind Next.js Stack!

We are happy to announce that now you can create your terrific web applications using our new stack – React Tailwind Next.js!

by Alesia Sirotka • 5 min read

ABA Schedules: Scheduling CRM System

ABA Schedules is a US-based mobile application designed to help businesses maximize efficiency and productivity in employee scheduling.

by Alesia Sirotka • 5 min read

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