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Artem Kardash

Master of Vue, whizkid and a naughty boy who is eager to resolve complex web issues. Artem is an experienced developer with a systematic approach to any task. He has been programming for more than 7 years! As a content muncher, he is also known for his passion to TikTok and various comic videos.

Top 9 Vuetify Templates for Web Developers

The list of free and premium Vuetify templates. Choose your Vuetify theme to start web development.

by Artem Kardash • 12 min read

What is The Difference Between State and Props in React?

Learning React starts with several concepts developers run into –  JSX syntax, props, and state. State is a familiar concept for developers, while JSX syntax and props confuse new people...

by Artem Kardash • 5 min read

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