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Mikhail is the leading software engineer who enjoys resolving programming issues, researching and developing applications remarkably fast. He is only 21, but he’s already established himself as a knowledgeable, caring and considerate specialist. He is also excited about pop culture, digital trends, politics, and technologies. When he's not working, you can find Misha listening to hip-hop music or taking pics of his cute dog. He is an enthusiastic and conscientious programmer who can spend hours working on highly complex tasks.

Top 8 React Bootstrap Themes for Enthusiasts and Pros

This is a list of our favorite React Bootstrap Dashboards. Check it out to know which ones to choose and why!

by Michael Daineka β€’ 11 min read

12+ Best Visual Studio Alternatives to Try in 2023

Visual Studio is one of the most used and most famous integrated development environments. But being the most famous doesn’t mean, that it fits your needs.

by Michael Daineka β€’ 7 min read

What Is React Template? React Template Definition

What is React template? We've carefully picked all pros and cons of using a ready-made dashboard.

by Michael Daineka β€’ 14 min read

Using HTML and JavaScript to Manipulate Videos

Videos offer an efficient and engaging method of conveying information as well as providing entertainment and visual aids. Subsequently, they are being used increasingly more by organizations and individuals for...

by Michael Daineka β€’ 5 min read

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