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Alexander Naumovich

Alexander tried everything, including real estate, direct sales, firearm dealership (in a jurisdiction where it's legal, of course), and small-time freelance project management, before ending up as a content marketer at Flatlogic. Al's a new player in the tech field, so he spends much of his time studying web development. That aside, his usual pastimes include pub quizzes, movies, books, sports, and video games.

Creating a Laravel Project Step by Step

In this article, we'll talk about the history of Laravel, how it emerged, and how it won its position. We'll take a closer look at the peculiarities of working with Laravel, and sum up the reasons to choose it or avoid it. Finally, we'll dive deeper than usual into the inner mechanism of a simple app, and show you the code so you'll know how to properly grease the gears.

by Alexander Naumovich • 14 min read

How to Build a Vue Application? [Learn the Ropes!]

Vue.js is a front-end framework often used in web applications of small and medium scale but perfectly valid for large-scale projects, too. In this article we're explaining how to create a Vue app by hand and what other routes you can take if you need a Vue application.

by Alexander Naumovich • 15 min read

Top 8 Material UI Templates and Themes to Try in 2023

Best Material UI templates to check before starting your web development process.

by Alexander Naumovich • 10 min read

Top 15 Web Application Templates with Perfect Design in 2024 [Update]

Top 15 best web app templates for web development.

by Alexander Naumovich • 12 min read

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