Developers at Facebook and Instagram required special tools to build interactive, dynamic, user interfaces. React is not a language in its own right, nor is it a framework, it is simply a Javascript library used to create interactive components. We have listed some popular react js use cases for you to know.

A component can be anything on a webpage that the user interacts with. It takes an action, and often an input, and performs some function. A common example is a search bar where is used auto-complete or offer suggestions, based on what the user is typing. This type of functionality cannot be achieved with basic HTML. Before React it would have required some type of server-side programming. 

React is a Javascript library that allows the developer to easily and efficiently create dynamic components in a user interface. While many people have heard of React JS, they may not be familiar with specific use case examples.

Facebook, Instagram, and Netflix

As detailed above, React was created by Facebook and Instagram developers to create interactive components within a user interface. The react library was made open source in 2013 and has become very popular since. While Facebook and Instagram continue to use React, other well-known products, such as Netflix have also begun implementing it in their user interface. However, brands who are working on their social media strategy need to use tools to post to Instagram from desktop, schedule posts, and complete other tasks.

These three companies consist of the most well-known implementations of React for the majority of people.

Yahoo Mail

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This should come as no surprise for most individuals since Facebook purchased Yahoo mail. “Yahoo mail required many updates on a regular basis. Many of the components were done using a Model View Controller pattern which is much more suited to smaller applications. Implementing React allowed for greater modulation and an easier time when it comes to updating the UI,” writes Ben Sheen, a web developer at Writinity and Lastminutewriting. 2024 Research

Vivaldi Web Browser

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The Vivaldi Browser has risen in popularity over the last few years and for good reason. Its user interfaces are highly reactive and were built on the React JS library.

Khan Academy

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Khan Academy took off in the mid-2000s as an educational tutorial that students felt was especially proficient at communicating key concepts. Since Khan’s initial Youtube Videos he has built his own website to host, categorize, and add additional features to his content. This website features many examples of React.


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Airbnb was truly revolutionary in the hospitality industry. It was the first time homeowners had access to a network that allowed them to rent out rooms in the houses, vacation homes, or condos. Anyone who has used the app or the website knows how interactive they are. Nearly all the components were built with React JS library.


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Discord started as a chat service for people who were playing online video games together. Then the service has been evolved into an online hangout for people with similar interests. Anyone can create, moderate, and customize a Server that they can invite people to chat, share pictures and videos, and exchange information. The discord UI features are highly interactive and all these components are made with the help of React JS library.


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It should come as no surprise that React JS has been used in the simple, yet effective, chat app Whatsapp. This is because Facebook bought the application in 2014 for 16 billion dollars. “WhatsApp is one of the most widely used instant messenger applications in the world with billions of users. The single-page components are all built using the React JS library,” writes Andrew York, an IT expert at Draftbeyond and Researchpapersuk.

WhatsApp is an excellent example of just how widespread the use of the React JS library has become. Many of the components would have previously required integration of HTML, CSS, Javascript, as well as novel server-side functionality to implement. React JS reduces the need for so many individual parts and provides a simple, streamlined, method of creating these components. For these reasons, many IT experts and enthusiasts expect React’s popularity to increase even further in the coming years. Another major aspect contributing to its popularity is that it is dead simple to use. Since it is not a new language or framework developers do not have to spend a significant amount of time learning the ins and outs of React.

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