Laravel is an open-source PHP framework used to develop custom software and web applications. The framework has a unique architecture that allows developers to create an infrastructure specifically for the application.  With its suite of advanced tools and features, the Laravel framework facilitates smooth development and testing of web applications, as well as achieving great results.

You can save clean, reusable code in a Laravel database. Doing so helps to make the development process fast, easy, and smooth.

Laravel is responsive and rich in features, making it possible for developers to create custom websites and web applications. Laravel framework has features for session handling, routing processes, validation, caching, security testing, and quality analysis to facilitate development. 

Main features of Laravel:

  • Security;
  • No complicated authorization process;
  • Simplifies programming;
  • No Complexity;
  • MVC support;
  • Simplifies traffic management;
  • Very popular;
  • Performance Improvement;
  • Cost-effective;
  • Wide range of libraries and configurations.

Laravel admin templates are perfect for building backend apps, SaaS-based products, user portals, etc. Regardless of the type of project, you’re working on, you can find a good collection of templates available here. The amount of templates, components, and applications available to you depends on the product concerned. The free Laravel admin templates have fewer features than premium, but you should familiarise yourself with them as well, as you may find that the free version has everything you need.

The Laravel admin template toolkit is a really good way you can speed up your development time. The Laravel Admin Templates are similarly the perfect solution for developers interested in learning more about building applications, through the documentation and templates available to you. Regardless of what your goals are, these templates are easily adaptable, with no need to put limits on your creativity, despite having a lot of ready-to-use material to work with.

Sing App Vue Laravel Template

Sing App Vue Laravel Template is a custom web application template created using Vue and Laravel PHP framework from Flatlogic Platform. Flatlogic used Vue, Vue Router, and Laravel to create this PHP template. Also, they added the best Vue libraries, including Vue Draggable, V-calendar, and Vee-validate, to make Sing App Vue a full-fledged web app. The SASS pre-processor makes it possible to change the style by using and updating variables and mixins. Also, they use Vuex for better state management. 2024 Research

Sing App Vue Laravel template is well-suited for creating any type of Vue application: BI application, Laravel admin panel, any SaaS application, CRM, or assignment system. The Sing App Vue Laravel template features multiple reusable components, user management, fully working CRUD applications, three color themes, and a dark mode, as well as customizable layouts.

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Vuexy – Vue, React, Angular, HTML & Laravel Admin Dashboard Template is the friendliest to developers and highly adjustable admin panel template, based on Bootstrap 4 and 5, Bootstrap Vue, and Reactstrap.

Besides its mobile-friendliness, Vuexy has a few other features in its toolbox for usability. Based on these capabilities, there is seamless uploading functionality for images and all other elements to speed up web performance, an accurate and sophisticated design saving clutter on the UI, and additional roll-up navigation features allowing users to have more browsing control over the content.

The integrated set-up tools enable accelerated and simplified configuring. With highly customizable controls, the design experience of your admin or dashboard layout is easier than ever before. This makes it even more creative, Vuexy is completely documented to keep the code base straightforward. You can easily customize Vuexy’s design as a whole to match your product design or color scheme, as well as customise any other modification. Vuexy offers valuable toolkits and detailed maps across a large range of admin and dashboard interfaces.

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Vue Material Laravel Template

Vue Material Laravel Template is a new and great web application template from Flatlogic Platform, created using Vuetify and Laravel PHP framework as the backend. When creating the Vue Material Laravel Template, Flatlogic collaborated with the creators of the Vuetify library to make sure they followed the official guidelines.

Flatlogic used Vue 2.6, Vue Router, and Laravel 8 to create this Vue admin panel template. The SASS preprocessor will allow you to change the style by using and updating variables and mixins. In addition, Vuex was used for better state management.

The Vue Material Laravel template is great for building any type of web application, such as a BI application, admin panel, or any SaaS application. The Vue Material Laravel template includes many reusable components, fully working CRUD applications with integrated backend, tri-color themes and dark modes, and customizable layouts.

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Velzon features multiple layouts for your project. The Velzon creators are defined as minimized, substance, cutting-edge and unique, there s something for everyone in this admin template batch. Customize your admin pages with 7 different layouts, including horizontal, vertical, and split-column layouts. Adjusting the width of the sidebar is as easy as switching between light and dark modes.

Velzon has many applications, as you’d expect from a modern Laravel admin template. For example, calendar, chat, kanban board, etc. Focusing on creating admin templates for SaaS, CRM, E-Commerce, and project management interfaces, Velzon is an extraordinary sample of a well-featured Laravel admin template. The Velzon is fully supported by major web and mobile browsers.

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Shreyu is a full-featured premium admin and dashboard template designed using Bootstrap and Angular. The template comes with tons of well-designed flexible components, UI elements, application pages, etc. An entirely responsive theme works on all contemporary/supported devices and browsers. The well-structured code makes it simple to tune up and assists in building advanced web applications with great speed. You can use Shreyu to build any modern web application, such as Saas UI, Admin Dashboard, CRM, CMS, eCommerce dashboard, etc. 

In case you want to use Laravel for your admin or dashboard area, Shreyu provides you with 6 different modes for your project. There are boxed and wide layouts, light and dark modes, and vertical and horizontal navigation areas. Likewise, there is a semi-dark mode for those looking for something different. Having made your decision, quickly use Shreyu to lay the foundations for a new admin or dashboard area.

In case you want to use Laravel for your admin or dashboard area, Shreyu provides you with 6 different modes for your project. Likewise, there is a semi-dark mode for those looking for something different. Having made your decision, quickly use Shreyu to lay the foundations for a new admin or dashboard area. tools. All applications have a minimal and modern Shreyu template design, making it easy to integrate them with the rest of your dashboard. Shreyu is well-documented to keep you on the path to building your admin panel.


  • Built with the latest version of bootstrap
  • Several navigation layouts and color schemes
  • Straightforward setup using SCSS variables extensively
  • All-in-one responsive functionality that works in all browsers and devices

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White Dashboard Laravel

The White Laravel dashboard is designed using the Bootstrap 4 admin dashboard, which was created for Laravel 5.5 or higher. It’s also partnered with UP DIVISION to give you the best of both worlds: a clean, slick designed frontend with a Laravel backend.

The White Laravel dashboard mixes nice-to-eye colors, plentiful cards, and lovely typography, giving it a perfect management and visualization tool for your data.


  • 16 hand-crafted elements
  • 3 custom plugins
  • 7 sample pages

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Now UI

Now UI is a responsive combo of necessary components (and more) designed to develop a powerful admin dashboard in a heartbeat.

Featuring 160 components, this Bootstrap, and Laravel-based template is a pipe dream coming true. Numerous plugins and sample pages are also available for you to use!

It all works in perfect order, so you can set everything up quickly. Do everything like a professional (even if you’re not)!

There is no need to worry about anything, either. Maintenance, support, documentation, and regular UI updating will make sure you’re always on the cutting edge.

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Ubold is a template that works for a variety of uses. Consider using it for a variety of applications and websites with no need to buy another one. Choose from any of the 6 available templates, all presented in both dark and light modes. The other interesting thing in Ubold is the fact of having an extra front-end landing page template.

With 150 pages, 500 UI components, 110 diagrams, thirteen ready-to-use applications, and 9000 font icons, yes, this is everything you get with Ubold. Cropping of images, slider range, page tour, notifications toast and multi-refresh files are a handful of other Ubold’s main features.

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The Black is a freeware dark Laravel template!

In comparison to the premium version, there is considerably less material in this one. The template is more basic, with only 16 elements and only 3 plugins. However, for a beginner, that’s more than enough. Something to appreciate about the free stuff around us!

Similar to any other template on this list, feel free to check out the Black preview first before settling on a purchase.

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Poco is an impressively original Laravel admin panel with a unique touch that spices things up instantly. You will find all the necessary elements and components in the Poco kit, which can be mixed and combined for your application. It is no longer necessary to start from scratch.

There are several projects you can cover out of the box with the three basic dashboard designs. The moment you decide to make changes to the settings, however, unlimited possibilities open up in front of you.

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Frest delivers exactly everything to get you started quickly in developing a user-friendly and useful Laravel admin panel. Here’s a tool filled with useful features that promise top-notch results. For sure, you’ll get all the required page layouts, various dashboard demos, and multiple components that can be reused. With Frest, all the latest trends and rules for the modern web are followed, ensuring high performance.

Users can choose between dark and light backgrounds, experience user-friendly navigation and quickly discover what the user is searching for. It also includes a handy work application such as email, chat, invoices, calendar, and more. The Frest support team can always be contacted if you need additional support and you’re good to go. 

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Laravel is a highly expressive and elegant syntax-based web application development system that makes the entire web development process faster, easier, and more enjoyable for developers by eliminating all the pain points associated with handling complex PHP code.

Laravel, like any other good framework on the web today, provides a highly fluid working experience and multiple use cases of UI elements. Employing Laravel’s right templates these days and using the right themes can save you tons of time and energy while developing applications – no more having to start from scratch for developers at all.

On the Flatlogic Platform, you can also find ready-to-use stylish with modern Javascript and HTML Laravel Templates & Dashboards that you can create a powerful application using the platform. Flatlogic is also a hosting platform on which you can host your full-featured web applications. Starting with this approach to building a CMS, you create and host any web application, reducing the time and cost of web development.