JavaScript has been one of the most preferred languages used to build websites and applications for many years. JavaScript is a multi-paradigm language that supports both functional programming and object-oriented programming. The language’s popularity and never-ending demand make the hiring process tedious. Hence, finding a developer who is the right fit for your organization is a challenging task for the recruiting manager or HR specialists as the demand exceeds the supply. This makes it further difficult to hire JavaScript developers for your business.

This blog will help you find all the information you need to know before hiring a javascript developer.

Roles and Responsibilities of a JavaScript Developer

You must hire engineers who know how to carry out their daily tasks successfully. You must also mention the requirement clearly in the description whether you are looking for a front-end developer who will take care of the interface and design or a back-end developer who looks after the server-side or full-stack developers who specialize in both. 

It could be difficult for some to retain the skill set of a non-technical person. So, we are listing down everything from languages to databases that are a must-have in a developer. 

Front-end JavaScript developers

Organizations hire JavaScript developers to improve user experience by enhancing their interface with the project. A developer writes a UI code that helps elevate the user experience that helps them stay longer on the website. The job of a front-end Javascript developer is not only during the development stages but to constantly improving the website designs by adding new features.

Here are some day-to-day duties that a front-end developer must know before hiring one:

  • Must be proficient in developing the website and applications;
  • Must add new features to your website to keep it interesting;
  • Able to write error-free, clear, and concise code;
  • Optimizing the website and applications for scalability;
  • Ensure the feasibility of UI/UX design

Back-end JavaScript developers

The primary duty of a Back-end developer is to take care of the server-side logic and data management and examine the performance of the website or applications. In addition, it’s the duty of the developer to ensure that the application’s efficient and working perfectly. We have listed a few responsibilities you must keep in mind before hiring JavaScript developers for the right fit for your organization. The responsibilities are as follows: Enterprise Business Apps in minutes. Generate Now!

  • Analyze, store, protect and manage data.
  • Knowledge of frameworks and languages 
  • Collaborate with front-end developers to bring interactive designs to users
  • Write error-free, clear, and concise code which can be reused later.

Essential skills a JavaScript developer should know

In addition to the ability to code, there are some skills that every developer needs to know.

Knowledge of core JavaScript programming language

The language supports many frameworks and libraries that seem vast and impossible to understand. So your ideal javascript must possess sufficient knowledge to get the work done. Over the years, JavaScript has witnessed many versions which have modified the syntaxes. In short, they can perform similar tasks in several ways.

Along with the knowledge of JavaScript, an ideal developer must be well-versed with the latest trends and technologies. They should have a strong understanding of modules, classes, and other functions. 

Basics of Web designing

HTML and CSS are the foundation of web design. Hence, you must hire Javascript developers who have a good understanding of these along with Javascript. JavaScript adds many unique features to the webpage and makes them interactive. The Document Object Model (DOM) basics also play a crucial role in front-end development. Unless you are looking for someone who can only work as a back-end developer, it is a must-have skill to look out for.

Frameworks of JavaScript

Most projects are built on frameworks. It is a faster way of development as it has pre-written codes that can be used to make the process a lot easier and less time-consuming. Some of the popular frameworks loved by the development community are  Angular, React, and Vue.js. So, hire JavaScript developers who are well-versed in the frameworks, and you can thank us later.

How to Hire the Right JavaScript Developer?

Do you want to hire the best talent for your business? Keep the below points in mind to make your hiring process smooth and efficient.

Pay special attention to the CV.

Rather than paying attention to the skills that are not required, look for essential skills like framework and qualities. This will save you time and help you shortlist skilled candidates for the next round.

Ask the right questions

Opt for questions that will help you understand the candidate. Ask questions like do you know about the company? Why did you apply for this role? Basic questions like these will help you understand whether the candidate is interested in your company or applying for the job.

Technical Assessment 

The last and most crucial point to help you finalize the best candidate is the command over technical skills. You can give them a small technical task and evaluate them. It will help you understand their strengths and weaknesses and whether they have the tech stack you want or not. You can also ask them about the projects they have undertaken in the previous company to understand more about themselves.

Where to hire remote javascript developers? 

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Hiring Javascript developers who are a good fit for your business is not an easy task. It takes time and effort. Fortunately, companies like help you find the right developer that matches your required skills – it will save you time and money.