The market of frontend developers is booming, and you surely know the main spots and platforms were to learn how to code, where to learn new frameworks and languages; how to fix simple bugs and errors, how to maintain and keep sites up-to-date, and so on and so forth. But nobody will take your hand and lead you through the whole process of web development. This process should be much slower and more painful, without a good foundation and study platform with solid structures, consistently shown, and regularly updated material. The whole path may become significantly easier if you divide it up, and don’t try to take it hurriedly, in one go.

Here you will see thoroughly curated platforms with up-to-date React tutorials from the web world. We’ve gathered a list of popular resources, how-to guidelines, articles, and YouTube channels with really useful info presented by top-notch experts from the world of web development, as the best way to learn React. As a rule, they entail covering HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript basic concepts which are bootstrap conquering React fundamentals, and other instruments for building interactive web interfaces.

Probably, you have come across questions like is react hard to learn, or what is the best way to learn React. But there is no best way to learn React once and for all because everything takes time and effort. And you need to be flexible and update your knowledge from time to time with new React tutorials to stay competitive in the business world.

The Best React Courses and Popular Platforms to Learn React

learn react with codeacademy

1. Codecademy


Learn React with Codeacademy! The course gives a strong understanding of the most important React concepts: JSX, class and function components, lifecycle methods, props, and hooks, etc.

2024 Research

● 20 Hours ● For those who already know the basics of JS and HTML

2. Udemy


Udemy needs no introduction. This is an American online platform, a huge marketplace with over 155000 courses and an organic traffic of more than 10 million monthly. React – The Complete Guide is a top-rated course that became a bestseller among students of Udemy.

● 20 Hours ● All levels ● Price: $89.99

3. Coursera


I would bet $100 you’ve already surfed this platform. Coursera offers tons of courses for all-level developers including absolute zeros in web development. Right off bat, check this full-stack web-development course with React specialization from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

At Coursera, you can start your 7-day free trial, and keep on learning for $49 per month after your trial period.

4. Code with Mosh


Moshfegh Hamedani is an inspired software developer with an audience of almost 2 million on YouTube and 20 courses on Udemi. He has 20 years of experience and is still teaching React and other popular libraries, frameworks and programming languages on his own platform for mastering coding.

● 13 Hours ● All levels ● Price: all-access membership $29

5. Scrimba


Bob Ziroll offers you the chance to learn React absolutely for free. This course contains 59 interactive screencasts and other really engaging material to learn React. Scrimba is all about avid learning, creating cool stuff, and helping others achieve their career goals. Scrimba will motivate you to become a developer in the shortest time possible, and it has all the necessary resources inside. The platform has also an advanced course called React Bootcamp for experienced developers.

● Level: Advanced ● Price: $124/Year

6. Edx


World-leading universities like MIT or Harvard offer their t programs and courses. For instance, Developing Cloud Applications with Node.js and React will tell you how to create a server-side app and deploy it on Cloud.

● Β±5 weeks ● All levels ● Price: free

7. Freecodecamp


This is a really big community with its own tech-focused forum and a dozen of tutorials to learn React js. Just randomly dive into this list of free 7-hour React course by Beau Carnes. No worries about how to find the info, all the data is well organized by subsections.

● All levels ● Price: free

8. W3schools

W3school is a comprehensive platform with piles of useful info. It offers a range of open-source tutorials, references, and exercises for developers.

● All levels ● Price: free

9. Careerkarma


Software engineering is not just a random collocation, here is a comprehensive guide from a self-taught programmer with really deep knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, and Python. Click learn more to know how to learn React, how to start coding, and how to develop your skills.

● All levels ● Price: free

10. Developer.Mozilla: Getting started with React


Explore more about Mozilla references and guides. There is a good background and use cases, a basic React toolchain setting up process, and everything about how to create a simple starter app. Highly recommended site!

● All levels ● Price: free

11. Javatpoint


One more site that explains all the well-known principles of ReactJS. Currently, it has a strong foundation and a large community as well on its site and on YouTube.

12. Ibaslogic


If you don’t know where to start your journey as a front-end developer, read this open-source React tutorial for beginners made by Ibas Majid, a self-taught web developer.

● 22 minutes ● Beginners

13. Reactforbeginners – React JS Crash Course


This platform aims to position itself as a premium step-by-step training course to plunge you into the real world of React + Firebase apps and website components. The course is taught by Wes Bos, a Full Stack Developer, and experienced tutor from Canada. 

● 5 hours ● Beginners ● $82

14. Traversy Media


One more online platform for developers to learn JavaScript and its frameworks is Traversy Media. There are well-known programming tutorials for all of the latest web technologies starting from the building blocks of HTML. Check their Reactjs Crash course updated in 2021 to understand the core things about React library.

15. Class Central – Free Online React Courses


Full learning courses from the leading universities, like The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Filter out the courses by language, by duration, by level, with/or without a certificate. Check out several reviews to decide which React course is the right fit for you.

16. Web Dev Simplified


An awesome source of tutorials for self-studying developers. Web dev simplified has a very informative YouTube channel. Learn React today course offers you the gist of React in less than a day and build your first project quicker.

● 23 lectures ● $60

17. Solo Learn


The main concepts from the world coder community. Build powerful interactive user interfaces with React library trusted by devs from Facebook and Uber. The platform has various courses, code playground, blog, and a general audience of more than 200k visitors a month.

18. Ihatetomatoes 🍅

Petr Tichy, an Australian Front End Developer, tells about React Hooks API, how to use Fetch API to load data, how to render a dynamic dropdown in your React app, and many other essential questions. Here you’ll also find the Ihatetomatoes YouTube channel.

19. Visualstudio code


Visualstudio code has a step-by-step guide on how to create a React app with create-react-app generator. It is the ultimate place to see all the peculiarities of React, and improve your coding skills.

20. Tutorialspoint


Online education is the best way to gain new skills faster. Tutorialspoint offers multi languages tutorials, ebooks, prime packs and more. Check out the features, advantages, and limitations of the course. Create React App step by step with Tutorialspoint quick guide.

21. Harry Wolf


Harry Wolf shares his in-depth experience and personal opinion for JavaScript, its tricks, and many more useful things related to programming. He is a brilliant tutor who explains everything in detail and gives his personal view on many different aspects of programming.

22. PedroTech


Pedro Machado offers a wide range of videos about Web Development! ReactJS, NodeJS, MySQL, Express, MongoDB, and much more! Reactjs beginner course is also available.

23. The Net Ninja


Just a golden channel with more than 1000 programming tutorials about JavaScript, React, Vue, Laravel, Firebase, etc. It’s a must to check it out and find your best video to learn Reactjs together with other 778K of subcribers.

24. React Casts


Here is a channel with short React screencasts containing tips, tricks, and tutorials. Yes, it’s relatively new, but still informative and a good option to learn to code in React with the help of short-format content.

25. Anthony Sistilli


Here you will find 20-minute React tutorials on different aspects of React: React props, React Router basics, conditional rendering, and other essential things important for a front-end developer.

26. Chris Hawkes


Chris Hawks offers an opportunity of React advanced crash course as the best way to learn React. The author has an online platform with React course for beginners and a tutorial for advanced React coders. More videos can be found on his YouTube channel.

27. Codevolution


Codevolution is a popular source of tutorials on the latest tech in web development! Here you can follow the trends in programming and find out what’s new in React 18.

28. Academind


Max and Manuel offer you the chance to start learning React.js and how to build amazing websites just for free! These guys share their wide expertise in the form of tutorials here, and in the form of video courses on YouTube. The channel has more than 708k subscribers! We also recommend taking a premium course on NextJS & React – The Complete Guide.

● 24 hours ● All levels ● Price: $39 for a single course license



Learn the fundamentals of React and be ready to begin your developer career journey. The course is taught by Wes Bos, a Full Stack Developer, and experienced tutor from Canada.

● Beginners ● $33

30.  Dev Ed


Really creative channel to be guided through React and other development tools. Here you will find tutorials on web development, UI instruments, and other tools for web and mobile app development. And 686k subscribers only prove that this chap from Romania makes superb educational content.


If you don’t need a full course but are more inclined to read a guide or article to resolve specific questions, we could recommend learning more about online workshops on Smashingmagazine.

We are always happy to share everything with you everything on React that we know ourselves. It’s never too late to learn something new! We highly recommend learning smarter with React tutorials created by Flatlogic and checking out our blog with thematic articles on React, Angular, Vue, Bootstrap, and many other highly useful aspects of web development. Find your best way to learn React, study hard, and dream big! 😉


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