Since React Native was updated to v0.63.0 by Facebook, we decided to release v3.3.0 of React Native Starter.


  • Podfile for IOS was updated
  • @react-native-community/cli was added

How many types of mobile applications do exist? What is the difference between them? What is a template for mobile applications? Let’s figure it out right now.

Basically, there are three main types of mobile applications (apps): web apps, native apps, hybrid apps. 

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Web apps are designed adaptive to mobile devices. It’s easy to manage such apps, nevertheless, it’s not convenient to launch them – you need to run a browser and type the URL into the address bar. You will not find any adaptive application in the app stores, because web apps can’t be submitted there.

Native apps are built using native programming languages. They are faster, and more intuitive than web apps. Furthermore, native apps can interact with the device utilities, such as geolocation, a camera roll, Bluetooth. At the same time, all these features of native apps tell us that native apps are more expensive than web apps.

Hybrid apps are defined as a combination of web and native apps, so hybrid apps incorporate the features of the first two mobile application types. Hybrid apps, like web apps, are cheaper, but slower and less interactive than native apps. It’s easy enough to build a hybrid app by means of HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Similar to native apps, hybrid apps have almost full access to devices utilities, they constitute themselves as a single app for all platforms, and they can be published in app stores.

Have you heard about app templates? These are multifunctional templates, which are already equipped with UI components. Due to such templates, you don’t have to build a mobile app from scratch spending a large amount of money on development. A more profitable way is to purchase a template and adapt it to your business needs.

React Native Starter is an example of a powerful mobile app template with a bunch of outstanding features, such as tons of ready-to-use-components, various UI elements and color schemes, modular architecture, simple customization. By the way, recently we have made a major update of React Native Starter. If you haven’t checked out our template yet, be sure to do so, because you will definitely love it.

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