We are happy to announce that we are sponsoring 2 more hackathons in 2024: Ripon Hacks & EQ Hacks – Genesis. All hackathon participants will be able to get access to Flatlogic Generator for free. Flatlogic Generator enables participants to transform their innovative ideas into functional applications in minutes, saving a lot of time which is crucial for hackathons. It’s not just about supporting the hackathon, it’s about empowering each participant to realize their vision.💡

Student-run Ripon Hacks Hackathon 2024

Flatlogic proudly sponsors the student-run Ripon Hacks 2024 hackathon on April 20th-21st.

Ripon Hacks aims to provide the Valley’s aspiring software developers with an accessible, fun, and memorable way to practice creating their dreams.

Ripon Hacks is a student-run small hackathon, where students from diverse backgrounds collaborate, and unleash their creativity to solve real-world problems through technology. 

To apply and for more details, visit the registration website.

EQ Hacks – Genesis I Hackathon 2024

Flatlogic proudly sponsors the EQ Hacks – Genesis I hackathon on March 20th – April 13th.

Genesis 1 is a hackathon competition centered around designing, marketing, or solving problems through tech and code. Any project submitted before or after this timeframe is disqualified. The period before this is dedicated to searching for teammates, but teammates can be formed throughout the competition. In Genesis philosophy, art, and stem are one—designers and programmers are equally welcome. Winners receive a prestigious article for employers and applications. 2024 Research

Registration Form: https://tally.so/r/n9DVkK

March 2024 Flatlogic Updates

Flatlogic’s latest updates include our new features the latest updates to our platform and our new articles in our blog about the best AI tools for specific business software development.

Also, we prepared for you a list of our latest updates:

If you need any assistance or have questions regarding this new feature, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team, which is always ready to help and assist you. 

Ready to join the madness? Flatlogic is excited to see what you’ll create!