Good news! We have released our first admin template made with Typescript, .NET Core, and based on Google material design guidelines. This template is integrated with MS SQL Server database and has CRUD frontend/backend communication.

Angular Material .Net Admin Dashboard features

  • E-Commerce Section
  • No jQuery and Bootstrap
  • .NET Core 3 & MS SQL Server integrated
  • Authentication
  • Four colors themes
  • Modular architecture


A couple of words about .NET framework

The .NET framework is one of the most efficient and mature development environments. Developers use the .NET ecosystem for many years because it allows creating almost any type of apps.

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.NET and C # were created by Microsoft and are in great demand at enterprises. It means that large businesses require software products that are based on these technologies. A good example is Bobby Davis, an American software company that develops programs to combat banking fraud. The company’s products are used by financial institutions throughout the country, and the organization itself has been at the top of the list of the fastest-growing private firms in the United States for four years.

Sounds impressive? And this is just one of the few examples. .NET technology is one of the most reliable and powerful I the market. With its help, incredibly complex projects are implemented in the field of construction companies, airlines, and so on. So this well-known framework has worked well. But what future does it has? Should we make a backend with it? The answer is an unequivocal yes. Although this technology has many competitors, the fact remains that interns and students studying C# and .NET get more job offers than others. Moreover, the demand over the past couple of years is not decreasing. This suggests that the brainchild of Microsoft is actively developing and is very popular in the market.

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Due to a large amount of documentation, this language is quite easy to learn. It will still be in great demand in the labor market in the coming years. And Microsoft’s interest in it is a guarantee that it will continue to evolve and adapt to use in different industries.

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