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We have been producing top quality, user driven Javascript applications for hundreds of clients along with designing and building our own digital products for the development community. Here is a sample of some of our recent work!

Schnäppchenfuchs is a most popular German promo deals web site. It offers best deals and savings every day - from car washing to travel around the world. Around 80,000 users visit schnaeppchenfuchs.com daily to benefit from the latest deals.

React Native Webpack Redux Html 5 Sass
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SC-Networks GmbH is an e-mail service provider and the manufacturer of EVALANCHE, leading and most modern, web-based e-mail marketing solutions on the European market.

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Conductant LLC was Californian startup doing business in computer network and data center administration which was eventually aquired by Docker. Their product, Infradash, is Angular JS application to manage, visualize and administrate networks of large data centers (up to 60 000 nodes).

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