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Easily create full-stack React, Vue, Angular application boilerplates based on database schema! You get front-end, back-end, database, all connected and ready to serve as a template for your full-stack web application.

Select your stack and template, define the database schema, deploy and push the source code of generated apps to Github!

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Applications below were generated in just 5 minutes!


The app includes essential features for e-commerce pros: product listings, virtual shopping carts, secure checkout, and more.

Real Estate CRM

The app includes key features for real estate professionals: property listings, virtual tours, and secure payments.

IOT Dashboard

The app equipped with real-time monitoring, automated management functions, and integrated secure transaction systems.

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in 3 simple steps!

Choose design

Select design

We have the best designs several carefully crafted designs based on modern UI/UX trends. So your final application will look smooth and professional.

Select stack


Select stack

Select the stack you are familiar with or prefer to work with. We have a full set of modern web application technologies including: React, Vue, Angular, Node.js, Java, PHP, Python and SQL or NoSQL databases.

Schema editor


Define database schema

Create entities, fields and define relationships between them.

And you are ready! Review, deploy and push to git!


We are platform-agnostic. Simply pick the preferred stack.

react angular vue java nodejs net php mysql postgresql mongodb

Why use our Generator


Use your own database schema

You can create whatever entities and relationships you want.



In the final application, you will get a full authentication component with sign-in, sign-out, password management, an email confirmation, and login/logout pages.


View the final application online

Flatlogic handles deployment and hosting for you. You don't need to download and install the final result - everything is available online.


Full customization and source code

Unlike other no-code or low-code application development platforms, Flatlogic Generator allows you to push the source code of the generated application to Github. You are not dependent on our platform and you have the ability to edit the application further.


Prototype, Launch, Test and Iterate

See your final application online and demonstrate it to your colleagues before making any investment in the tech stack and design. Build the fully functioning CRUD application in hours instead of days and months. Test your application on real users and edit it in minutes.


Full-stack, CRUD mobile-friendly application

The generated application is a complete full-stack application, with React, Vue, or Angular on the front-end part and, a Node.js, PHP, or Java REST API back-end, and a SQL or NoSQL database. The application is responsive and looks smooth on any mobile device.

🚀 Looking for more features? Take a look at the features roadmap.

What you will get

As a result you will get the source code of pre-built data management (CRUD) application, with the personalized design, components and pages to match your business domain. You will also get swagger documentation for better backend testing. All you need is to deploy it to your server and start to use. Additionally, you can modify the code according to your needs.

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