AI-Driven Web Application Codebase Generator

Easily Transform plain English into powerful web-based business software. Or create full-stack React, Vue, Angular application boilerplates based on database schema! You get front-end, back-end, database, all connected and ready to serve as a template for your full-stack web application.

Enjoy full code ownership, extensive customization, and unlimited scalability, and deploy universally.


Number of generated applications with AI: 24,883


Applications below were built with Flatlogic Generator


The software includes essential features for e-commerce pros: product listings, virtual shopping carts, secure checkout, and more.

Real Estate CRM

The app includes key features for real estate professionals: property listings, virtual tours, and secure payments.

IOT Dashboard

The software equipped with real-time monitoring, automated management functions, and integrated secure transaction systems.

E-Learning Platform

The software is armed with essential tools for e-learning experts: course management, interactive lessons, and analytics of student's activities.


Transform your email management with FLARE! Automate and optimize your inbox with AI-driven scenarios.

Create your web app

in 3 simple steps!

1. Start with AI

Initiate your project by assigning a name to your application and describing its requirements in plain text. Outline essential elements such as entities, dependencies, roles and permissions. Our AI seamlessly interprets this information and begins developing a custom application that aligns perfectly with your specified needs.

2. Define or Optimize Database Schema with AI

Utilize AI to define or refine your database schema. This technology automates the design of your data structures, optimizing data management for your application's specific needs and ensuring efficient operation.

3. Connect Git Repositories

Easily link your project to Git repositories for seamless version control and collaboration. This integration facilitates code sharing, tracking changes, and managing updates efficiently across your development team.

And you are ready! Review, deploy and push to git!


We are platform-agnostic. Simply pick the preferred stack. Next.js is the main one, but others are alse supported

react angular vue NuxtJS nodejs mysql postgresql

Why use Flatlogic Generator

Use Your Custom Database Schema

Enhance your database design with AI. Create complex entities and relationships tailored to your specific needs, with intelligent suggestions for optimizing structure and efficiency.

Authentication and Authorization

Equip your application with a comprehensive authentication system. This includes features like sign-in, sign-out, password management, email confirmation, and detailed login/logout pages.

Advanced Access Control System

Define custom roles with specific permissions to control access levels and actions for different user groups, ensuring superior security and user management.

AI-Enhanced Charts and Widgets

Enhance your app with AI-powered charts and widgets that visualize complex data in real-time. Customize these tools to fit your business needs, ensuring accurate, current insights inform decisions. Essential for optimizing both the function and aesthetics of your software.

Deployed and Hosted Out of the Box

With Flatlogic, your deployment and hosting are seamless. No downloads or installations are necessary—the final product is instantly accessible online in the cloud, right out of the box.

Full Customization and Source Code

Unlike traditional no-code or low-code platforms, Flatlogic Generator gives you full control over the source code. Push the generated software’s source code to Github, free from dependency on our platform, and edit further as needed.

Prototype, Launch, Test, and Iterate with AI

See your final application live and demo it to stakeholders without initial tech or design commitments. Build fully functional business software in hours, not days or months, with AI. Test your application with real users and make adjustments in minutes.

Full-Stack, CRUD, Mobile-Friendly Application

Generate a ready-to-use, web-based business application that’s built with React, Vue, or Angular on the front-end and Node.js with an SQL database on the backend. The application is responsive and performs seamlessly across all mobile devices.

🚀 Looking for more features? Take a look at the features roadmap.


As a result, you get the source code of the pre-built data management (CRUD) application, with personalized design, components, and pages to match your business domain. AI is also integrated, so making custom widgets and charts out of the box is also possible. You will get swagger documentation for better backend testing. All you need is to customize it to meet the final requirements. Additionally, you can modify the code according to your needs.

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