We have released the User Management React template!

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The user management template is a set of pages created with React & Node.js. The template was created for integration backend functionality with the frontend. This backend functionality includes authentication (plus all login methods), all registration processes, and operations with users. This simple, yet powerful and well-designed template makes user management quite an easy task.

One of the main requirements for any template is responsiveness, and the User Management React template has this major desired feature. Your app will be ready in no time with the use of any user management template because we think any developer will spend on average about 400 hours creating this functionality. Let’s talk about the technologies used for this product. 

When it comes to developing any part of an admin area of a web app, React is one of the most obvious choices. It has lots of advantages: 

  • excellent page load speed
  • code reusability (or the usage of components)
  • short learning curve
  • high performance
  • virtual DOM
  • simple creation of UI test cases
  • easy debugging.

Let’s proceed with PostgreSQL. The most important and undeniable advantage of this database is its comprehensive functionality. Neither Mongo nor Riak nor Redis don’t have as many possibilities as PostgreSQL. What is more important is community support.

Not many open-source projects have this astronomical growth. And the third advantage is that solutions built with this database are stable as a rock. Seriously, it can be forever and ever. The secret is simple, it lies in easy cross-version migration. It is easy because logical replication is at the core.

We use Node.js in many of our apps, it assures apps scalability and good performance. It is very extensible, meaning that the developer has maximum freedom. Plus in web apps made with Node server and client can initiate communication. As with PostgreSQL community support is a big plus.

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