The angular framework was developed by Google and announced in September 2016. A major advantage of this technology since its release to date has been its frequent updates. The Angular team presents programmers with new updates almost every few months. Improved versions of the framework with bug fixes, tool additions, and more are always available on GitHub. Besides that, Angular is popular among developers for other reasons such as:

  • Mobile browser support 
  • Structured and speedy
  • Strong support from Google and developers
  • Reactive programming capability
  • Seamless module parsing

The Angular framework provides a great starting point for your project. By creating an application, you will be able to reuse the code in follow-up projects or share it with other developers.
Angular simplifies the app development process, allowing developers to concentrate on building functionality rather than complex coding, thanks to its vast array of ready-made templates. This approach is particularly effective in streamlining the creation of business software, as evidenced by our curated list of top Angular admin dashboard templates.

Sing App Angular

Sing App Angular is an admin template developed using Angular and Bootstrap. It contains hundreds of well-designed UI components, pages, elements, and widgets. Sing App Angular can be used to create SAAS web applications, dashboards, CRMs, CMSs, e-commerce applications, etc. Sing’s admin dashboard has over 30 pages and many other components. The dashboard provides analysis charts, emails, and chat components. A Markdown editor is also included. Additional pages include account, calendar, login, and errors. You can update the Sing App Angular admin template once or twice a month.


  • Dual colorful dashboards and hundreds of pages
  • 8 different diagram options
  • Designed on Angular and Bootstrap
  • Build Angular dashboards and eCommerce apps
  • Hovering and static sidebar
  • Fully responsive admin template

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Light Blue Angular

Light Blue Angular is a fully responsive admin template with a modern and simple, yet very smooth look. It’s a multi-functional admin template with a responsive and flexible design that seamlessly adapts to any device. It’s a simple, non-intrusive template. This app template uses Server Side Rendering for SEO and Node.js backend to speed up the development process.

Light Blue Angular dashboard has more than 30 pages. The project is kept updated 1-2 times a month and is fully documented: each component is fully described.

Light Blue Angular is a great alternative to Sing App if you need a dark layout for your app. With quality Flatlogic support you can make any type of app: SaaS, e-commerce, or enterprise app.


  • 30 exclusive pages
  • 8 libraries of diagrams
  • Developer-friendly, transparent dashboard
  • Customizable widgets
  • Variety of colour schemes
  • 100+ components
  • In-depth background, well-documented code base

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JustDo is a high-performance Angular admin template based on the Bootstrap framework. It is based on the Bootstrap framework, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, and jQuery. It comes in dark and light versions and has a horizontal and vertical layout.

JustDo Angular admin template comes with 10 well-designed pre-built widgets. Plus, you’ll find 15+ core UI elements and several page layouts in the template. JustDo also features simple and clean code that’s easier to understand.


  • Light & Dark Versions are available
  • Horizontal and Vertical Layouts
  • Responsive Design
  • Simple, modern, and user-friendly design
  • Well-commented and well-documented
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • 10+ Pre-built widgets

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StartNG is an AngularJS-based admin template based on Bootstrap 4 Framework with complete browser responsiveness and compatibility. Featuring 6 different frontend styles and an additional 10 color skins, it gives you a total of 60 different options when you unpack the package. Of course, the package includes many other user interface elements such as buttons, icons, cards, gorgeous typography, as well as mailboxes, form elements, basic and dynamic tables, and lots of extras.

StartNG’s code is organized and easy to edit and improve. StartNG also has lazy downloading, built-in maps, and retina displays. Turn StartNG from “just” a template into a functional web application in no time.


  • 6 different layouts
  • 10 color styles
  • Angular dynamic menus and a perfect scroll bar
  • Angular toaster and drag-and-drop
  • Charts, forms, and calendars
  • Lightweight loading and nested routing
  • Dashboards, smart tables, and charts
  • Lots of sample pages and ready-to-use elements

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MaterialPro is a materials-based template that is ideal for creating valuable dashboards. It’s responsive and comes with 5 very different layouts, with an additional six color presets to choose from each. There are light and dark versions, RTL support, and vertical and horizontal menus – all of these variations are ready for you to use.

Regardless of whether you’re developing one or a hundred different administrators for your web applications, your workflow will always stay professional with AngularJS website templates. Decide on MaterialPro or any of the others, the results will be fantastic in no time. MaterialPro provides multiple options for charts, tables, validation forms, and a multitude of plugins. Well, anytime you’re looking for it, there’s a good chance MaterialPro already offers it for you.


  • 6 dashboards
  • 5 demos
  • 700+ pages and 500+ UI components
  • 3000+ font icons and 100+ plugins
  • Large menu, lightbox and Range slider
  • Light and dark colour schemes and sidebar themes
  • CSV, Excel, PDF export, copy and print spreadsheet
  • Main PSD files included

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Purple angular

Purple angular is a free template that’s best for eCommerce websites. With its highlighted icons for menus, order details, and invoices, Purple angular saves you effort and time. It also features beautiful and simple components and UI elements. The admin dashboard is focused on usefulness and offers several essential components. With this easy-to-use template in hand, developing applications for e-commerce websites will be an easy task. Click here to download this template.  

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Star Admin

Star Admin is an Angular admin template based on the Bootstrap open-source framework. It’s an extremely flexible and easy-to-use template to use for a variety of web design and development projects. This template also features clean and documented code.

The Star Admin Angular template includes two separate dashboards. In addition, you can find a wide selection of basic UI elements, tables, charts, and page layouts. Star Admin also has three pages dedicated entirely to e-commerce.

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In Fuse, every line of code has been suitably indented and annotated for easier reading and easier modification. All this makes Fuse your own at the most important level – the code level. Regarding the less important levels, Fuse doesn’t miss the slightest opportunity. Fuse includes over a dozen professionally designed graphic layouts and even more finished pages. You can have your intranet, CMS or web application ready to go as quickly as deploying Fuse, in theory, which takes just two minutes and fewer clicks. Fuse includes features as diverse as calendars, email and file managers, case interfaces, and more. 


  • 20+ layouts of pages, both dark and light theme colors
  • Multiple navigation options
  • Numerous pages for authentication, maintenance, 
  • FAQ 
  • Build-in apps for calendar, chat, etc.
  • Mail app (NgRx) included
  • Compatibility with ahead of time
  • Materially designed admin template

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Monarch is a bare minimum and clean Bootstrap-based admin template in AngularJS and HTML versions. You can use this template well, and you can use it as an admin panel, a custom dashboard or anything in between. The Monarch is indeed a very versatile and adaptive admin template, which will allow you to get the most out of it instantly. The Monarch is, in a nutshell, one of the most popular Bootstrap-based admin templates, used by thousands of developers around the world. You definitely won’t go wrong by choosing Monarch for your future project or app. It is prepared to handle everything so that you can focus primarily on marketing. With its responsiveness and flexibility, Monarch will work like a dream on all devices.


  • Designed using Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and AngularJS
  • Encompasses both gallery and landing page
  • Multiple, easy-to-customize UI elements like charts, tables, and more
  • Tens of color options
  • Module structure
  • Validation form and WYSIWYG editor
  • Email icons and templates

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Vex is a perfect choice for your applications and websites, with lots of ready-to-use stuff that you can put into use. This admin template contains many examples, so you’ll find the one that suits your style best in no time. Besides all that, you can of course customize and refine Vex to suit your direction and branding needs. But if the default settings have everything you need, well, you can expect a quick implementation of a sophisticated admin.

Layout with both light and dark options, notifications in the form of snacks, chat, calendar, help center, immediate future page, and prices are just some of the advantages you’ll find in the Vex suite. You can get in touch with the team of experts at whatever time and they will be there to assist you.


  • Blazing fast and lightweight!
  • Incredibly small bundle size.
  • Clean and smooth design.
  • Material Design with Angular Material.
  • Latest Angular version.
  • Global SCSS and per component-specific SCSS (modular!)
  • 4000+ Icons, modular usable with SVGs (keeping bundle size small!)
  • Simple yet completely customizable Charts.

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With such a wide variety of UI templates on the market, isn’t it hard to find one that fits your project needs perfectly? Angular has become such a popular framework in recent years that the template market has been flooded with the best free Angular templates that will reduce your project’s turnaround time.

On the Flatlogic Platform, you can also find ready-to-use stylish with modern Javascript and HTML Angular Admin Templates and you can create a powerful application using the platform. Flatlogic is also a hosting platform on which you can host your full-featured web applications. Starting with this approach to building a CMS, you create and host any web application, reducing the time and cost of web development.