We have updated Sing App HTML admin dashboard. Now you can see a chat page in the demo. Nowadays there are hundreds of messaging apps, so this is a page every admin template should have. 

Sing App HTML5 Admin Dashboard is Updated. Awesome Chat Added.

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The combination of calming colors makes users feel comfortable. This universal color scheme gives a sense of serenity. Thought you can customize the CSS styles in your web application, taking into account your brand colors. Customizing a template and following brand guidelines not only good for marketing purposes but also makes designers’ jobs easier, a search of perfect colors would be a waste of effort. 

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Our UI/UX designers made a huge effort to make this chat look fresh, modern, and simple. The most important in this list of characteristics is simplicity. Because the good UX designer is always practicing simplicity, regardless of how sophisticated application is. So we hope you will enjoy using our chat, and it will make your job much easier. 

Sing App HTML5 Admin Dashboard is Updated. Awesome Chat Added.

Now that we know about the new awesome chat page, let’s remember what other features Sing App HTML5 Admin Dashboard has.

Sing App HTML5 Main Features

This dashboard is fully responsive, and it is using the latest version of Bootstrap (4.2.1). You can see 7 charts libraries and 3 dashboards in the demo. 
Here is the full list of charts:

  • Charts overview,
  • Flot charts,
  • Morris charts,
  • Rickshaw charts,
  • Sparkline charts,
  • D3 charts,
  • Easy pie charts.

And here is the list of dashboards:

This admin template has also some extra components:

  • Calendar,
  • Invoice,
  • Login page,
  • Error page,
  • Gallery,
  • Search result,
  • Timeline,
  • And chat:)

This dashboard has an e-Commerce section that includes product grid, authentication, and various login methods. We have a list of best e-Commerce templates on our blog if you are interested.
You should use the documentation for fast and easy customization. You can find it here.

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