We released Flatlogic One React Admin template! This template was made with React 16 and Redux. It uses typography and icons created by Flatlogic, and has integrated Google maps and charts (with the help of Apexcharts, Amcharts, and Echarts).


React: definition, history, features

React (or React.js, React.JS) is a popular open-source JavaScript library for building user interfaces. React was developed by Facebook software engineers in 2013. Two years later Facebook created React Native – a framework for building iOS and Android applications. In 2017 a new algorithm of React library was announced – React Fiber. Later in the same year, React 16.0 went out. This version has been periodically updated since then.

React is made of independent components. There are two types of components: functional and class-based. Functional components are declared with a function which returns JSX, and class-based components are declared with ES6. 

React works with hooks. React hooks are functions that make the code readable. Hooks work beyond classes. You can create your own hooks, so-called ‘custom hooks’.

React uses virtual DOM (Document Object Model). Virtual DOM is the virtual representation of the real DOM. It means that the virtual representation of UI is stored in memory and synchronized with the real DOM due to the library ReactDOM.

React uses JSX syntax. JSX itself stands for JavaScript Extensible Markup Language (XML). XML is a markup language that contains certain rules for encoding documents in a format that can be read by humans and machines. Due to JSX, you can write XML/HTML-like texts which can co-exist with JavaScript code.

In the process of developing web applications, React can be supplemented by a state management tool Redux. One such example is the template Flatlogic One React Full. Built with React16 and Redux, it’s the newest react template among Flatlogic themes. It contains 2 dashboards, beautiful charts made with amcharts, echarts, and apexcharts. Furthermore, it has original Flatlogic Typography & Icons. The admin template consists of many React components and contains customization support. Thus, Flatlogic One React template will help you in developing such web applications as CSM, SAAS, data management solutions, e-commerce, and many others.

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