Business applications in minutes

Gain the advantages of Low-Code, preserve the advantages of Custom Development, by generating enterprise business applications in just 3 steps. Need customization? You get the code, so either you or our team tailor applications precisely for your business needs.

Flatlogic saves you at least 250 hours in web application development time(~$12,500)!

✨ Flatlogic AI: Generate business apps from descriptions!

With Flatlogic you:

🤑 Save a month
in development costs


🧑‍💻 Get super high-quality
front & back code


🌐 Host your app
in one click


Push to Github
and Download the code

Trusted by the world's finest brands

Flatlogic products and services are used all over the world, including the following notable companies:

Flatlogic vs custom development

Choose Flatlogic and save 250+ hours. We eliminate tedious start-up procedures and maintenance, letting you focus on business growth and innovation. Experience the smarter way to launch your web applications.


Custom development


Designing the UI/UX of an application 40 hours 0 hours. Ready-made components for the full-stack app. Buttons, tables, forms, and general layout comes out of the box
Designing software (Planning if usage third-party tools and APIs, system components) 8 hours 0 hours. The optimal combination of 3rd party tools and various parts of the application tweaked to work perfectly together
Creating data structure and database design 24 hours Up to 30 minutes. Internal schema editor where you can design the database of your future app and generate it in minutes
Setup of the build/compilation process 8 hours 0 hours. Using the Flatlogic platform build/compilation process is already set up and works without problems
Developing a back-end service for a simple app. New tables, migrations, models, actions, and services should be created 40 hours 0 hours. All back-end logic is generated automatically according to the previously created database schema. Additionally, you can easily add new CRUD logic or entity anytime
Creating front-end logic 40 hours at a minimum 0 hours. Front-end logic is created automatically using a database schema made with our schema editor tool. Tables, forms, authorization and authentication come preconfigured out of the box
Polishing front-end UI, making the app responsive 30 hours 0 hours. An app built with Flatlogic will be responsive out of the box
Connecting front-end, back-end, and database into one application 10 hours 0 hours. An application made with Flatlogic is ready for use in production immediately after generation
Testing the application 10 hours 0 hours. The application generated on the basis of Flatlogic has been tested by our team and is ready for use in production
(optional) DevOps work: server installation, setup, management, and orchestration 20 hours 0 hours. Deploy a ready-made application in minutes
API designing and developing 20 hours 0 hours. Auto-generated API and Swagger documentation
Maintenance and support. Set up monitoring, continue to repair errors and make minor adjustments. Upgrading all dependencies, frameworks Endlessly 0 hours. Flatlogic Bot does all the work of keeping the application up to date for you
In future when new requirements will come, repeat the whole process again. Endlessly 0 hours. Using Flatlogic you can add new entities and tables in minutes without writing new code

Use cases

Here is what you can use Flatlogic for:


Web App Generator

Enterprise web applications built with React, Angular, and Vue and connected to a backend and database can be easily created using Flatlogic.


Headless CMS

Flatlogic makes it simple to create full-fledged Headless CMSs with a fully documented REST API for your further use


Crud App Generator

Create, Read, Update and Delete are the most common data operations. Flatlogic generates full-stack React, Angular or Vue CRUD app based on a database schema.


Admin Panel

Create your own production-ready admin panel that is tailored to your company's requirements with the preferred technology stack.


JavaScript Scaffold

Flatlogic generates/scaffolds the app based on the defined database specification - no need to do repetitive work anymore!


Online Database

Creating an online database management system is as simple as selecting a stack, designing, and defining a database schema. There is no need to download or install anything.


Thousands of businesses use Flatlogic platform to simplify web application development. Read some of the stories below to see tech leaders experience with Flatlogic


Just 3 steps!

Choose technology stack that you are comfortable with or that you like to work with. We have a comprehensive collection of current web application technologies at our disposal, including React, Vue, Angular, Node.js, PHP, and SQL database systems.

Select preferred starter kit or template - this is a foundation for your future application. There are lots of design options available: Transparent, Material, Classic, Flatlogic, etc, so your final application will have a polished appearance.

Add custom entities, fields, and relationships between them to create application's business logic and the application itself.

And your application is ready!

Review, push to Github and deploy! Everything is connected and set up for your convenience, so you could ship features in the fastest way possible.

Need something custom?

Hire our team to build a product for you


We are platform-agnostic. Simply pick the preferred stack.

Material UI

The easiest way to start React, Angular, Vue enterprise web applications

From software engineers to software engineers - we know what matters for Web Development and for you, as a tech leader

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