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Why Flatlogic templates?

We are delivering web & mobile applications to our clients since 2014. During that period we accumulated lots of knowledge and extracted it to React, Angular ,Vue and Bootstrap templates that help us and may help you to quickly prototype and build web & mobile applications!

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What's so special?

Flatlogic dashboards help you to quickly prototype and jumpstart simple or complex applications in one day.


Jump start your web or mobile app in one day.


Save time for UI design and development. You save up to $20k.


Fully responsive. We have tested our products on most of modern devices.


Built with React, Angular, Vue, Node.js, React Native and Bootstrap 4.


Free and fast support. Our average response time is within 24 hours.


You own the template! After purchasing one you have full rights to create a product on top of it.


Our products are based on top of modern Javascript & HTML frameworks. You can choose the one you will develop your future application with.


Built by Professional Developers

Our team has a more than 100 commercial projects finished in the last 6 years. We know how to build a proper web applications with help of the latest front-end technologies and share this knowledge with you!

Professional Developers

Built For Specific Use Cases

Using our Admin Dashboards you don't have to worry about building new components or customizing the basic Bootstrap or create-react-app starter kits. There are tons of new components, utilities, plugins and libraries for you.

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Built for specific use cases

We developed a cross-platform mobile using React Native framework for Schnapppchenfuchs - most popular German promo deals web site.

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Equipped With Build Tools
and Support

Components, build tools, buttons are fully documented with live examples and demos. And you have an option to order already compiled version. Each theme includes all the source and compiled files, making deep customization possible.

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