Vue CMS: Use Vue to Start Your MVP faster

Building powerful SPAs and any type of web apps with Vue is a real pleasure. Headless Vue CMS with an explicit design built on Vue can be used here and there, because of its high runtime performance. Define the relations between your components and build your top-notch user experience with Vue.

Headless Vue CMS for

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Use Vue for building a fully-featured ecommerce store! Vuejs can help you build a scalable online store as well as make it visible and lightweight.

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Time tracking

Build a time tracker to easily visualize productivity, manage your tasks, and spent time.

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Books store

Manage your digital content in a book store made with the help of Vue.

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Build a personal or a business blog with Vuejs! Make your blog look attractive by choosing the appropriate UI framework. Check how to build your Headless Vue CMS-power blog in detail here.

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Chat application

Creating interactive web interfaces is a strong point of Vue. So use it when building a chat messenger to organize and carry out communication processes.

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Custom solutions

Your fantasy is not limited to the examples of Vue usage above. Create your customized project on top of Vuejs.


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The Benefits of Vue CMS



Vue is well known for high compatibility with the majority of other third-party Vue components and libraries supported with Vue.js CDN. Based on JavaScript, Vuejs works well with any other applications written on JavaScript.


General simplicity

Built-in directives and event handlers, a simple approach in terms of general logic, only ease the process of web development. Start quickly to build your CMS just from scratch.



Vue.js single-file components can store all code like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in a single file. Plus, you can customize any function with your name. Each segment can have separate functions, making it easy to customize the app to your personal needs.


Extremely detailed documentation

Technical documentation eases any developer’s life. The Vue.js introductory part will guide you through the main Vuejs concepts and introduce you to its API. All the documentation is regularly updated.


Flexible framework for all types of web apps

The VueJS script is really flexible and simple thanks to its easy-to-use environment for web applications. Vue allows building any type of web apps whether it’s for large enterprises or small businesses, and startups. easy-to-use


Lightweight applications

Vue helps to create an incredible UX, and what’s more, all the applications are really compact and weigh around 30 KB, retaining their performance and speed.




  • The free version allows you to test the generator and see projects live before subscribing

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  • check Full access and ability to download the code
  • check Ability to edit the project
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  • All Personal License features plus:
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  • check Priority support
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What you will get

As a result you will get the source code of pre-build data management (CRUD) application, with the personalized design, components and pages to match your business domain. You will also get swagger documentation for better backend testing. All you need is to deploy it to your server and start to use. Additionally, you can modify the code according to your needs.