Smart Gain

Smart Gain is an enterprising retailer entering the competitive construction materials market in the United Arab Emirates.


Smart Gain is an enterprising retailer entering the competitive construction materials market in the United Arab Emirates. With an ambitious vision to establish a significant online presence, Smart Gain aimed to develop a scalable e-commerce platform to serve as a marketplace. This platform would start as a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that included CRM capabilities for inventory management as well as a user-friendly storefront for conducting sales.


Business challenges

Smart Gain faced several challenges beginning with the need to adapt the e-commerce template to suit the intricacies of the construction materials industry. Additionally, they needed a robust and scalable AWS environment to host their entire marketplace, with efficient multilingual support, including Arabic RTL text display, to appeal to the diverse UAE market. The integration of a real-time address autocomplete feature using Google Maps, the implementation of Google user authentication, and the development of a dynamic search engine with keyword filtering were critical features to enhance user experience. Lastly, the platform required a Blog Page, Shopping Cart, and administrative capabilities for product and user management, as well as payment processing.



Leveraging the agility and robustness of the Flatlogic Generator coupled with our specialized E-commerce Template, we created a fully-fledged e-commerce solution to meet all of Smart Gainʼs requirements. The solution incorporated a Vue.js + Nuxt 3 frontend and Node.js backend, with a PostgreSQL database to handle the multilingual support and product information.

Our target hosting platform was AWS, which provided a scalable and secure environment for the Smart Gain marketplace. Through AWS Web Hosting and Services, we established a reliable infrastructure that would support the growing traffic and dynamic business needs.

We implemented Google Authorization to streamline the authentication process and provided an integrated Google Maps autocomplete field to simplify address entry during checkout. The search functionality was enhanced with a robust algorithm that filters products based on description keywords, making it easier for customers to find what they need.


The integration of RTL text support ensured that Smart Gainʼs platform was accessible and user-friendly to the Arabic-speaking demographic. Additionally, our team updated and included essential pages such as a Blog Page for industry news and insights, an Items Page showcasing the inventory, and a Shopping Cart Page for easy purchase and checkout process.

he admin panel was custom-designed to enable Smart Gainʼs staff to efficiently manage inventory, regulate user activity, and oversee payment transactions, providing a seamless backend experience to complement the customer-facing marketplace.

In conclusion, by deploying the marketplace aboard AWS and tailoring features such as multilingual support and keyword search, Flatlogic enabled Smart Gain to dramatically upgrade their commerce capabilities, setting them on a path to success in the UAEʼs bustling construction materials market. The delivered scalable platform allows for future expansion and customization as Smart Gainʼs business requirements evolve.



Smart Gain sought to launch a comprehensive e-commerce platform tailored for the construction materials market in the UAE. They required a platform that could manage a diverse inventory and provide a seamless shopping experience for customers across various languages and regions. Key elements needed included multilingual support, cloud hosting on AWS, Google user authentication, right-to-left (RTL) text implementation for languages like Arabic, and essential customer interface pages like Blog, Items Page, Shopping Cart, and search functionality with keyword filtering. An admin panel for managing inventory, users, and transactions was also necessary.


VueJS NodeJS Nuxt3 PostgreSQL Google Maps Google Flatlogic AWS
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