This is a new Vue Material admin template with Node.js backend. It has over 39 widgets and components.


  • Based on Vuetify
  • No jQuery and Bootstrap
  • Vue Router
  • E-Commerce Section
  • User Management
  • Sass and Vuex inside
  • Node.js & PostgreSQL integrated

Node.js 14.0.0 has been released. This version will live long, until April 2023

Node.js has changed a lot over the past 5 years. Using Node.js effectively, you can write everything from command line utilities to dynamic HTTP servers. In fact, the Node.js platform is suitable for providing information from object databases. This could be MongoDB or MySQL. For our admin template, we chose PostgreSQL.

When Ryan Dahl created Node.js he strived to create real-time, push-powered applications. He took that approach from apps like Gmail. Node.js is an effective tool for working with the non-blocking, event-driven I / O paradigm. In other words, Node.js is perfect for use in real-time applications. It uses push technology over web sockets.

Vue Material Admin Template

Why is Node.js currently playing a key role in many great companies? Why are these companies willing to take risks and directly depend on the unique properties of Node by adding it into the technology stack? The whole technology is based on an open web stack (such as HTML, CSS, and JS), work goes through the standard port 80. You can certainly argue that Flash and Java applets also provide this opportunity. However, the truth is that these are just sandboxes using the Web as the transport protocol to deliver data to the client. Not to mention the fact that they quite act through non-standard ports, which added access rights problems. 2024 Research

It is argued that the popularity of Node.js means it is a platform for all occasions. However, for successful use, you must understand that it serves a strictly defined list of tasks. First of all, this does not apply to operations that intensively load the processor. In other words, the use of node.js technology in heavy calculations actually nullifies absolutely all of its advantages.

The ideal use case is to build fast, scalable networking applications. This way the main advantage of the Node is to handle a huge number of connections with high bandwidth. And this in turn will provide high scalability to the application.

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