SaaS Boilerplates allow technical managers, start-up founders, and developers to focus on what makes their product unique, instead of implementing things like authentication subscriptions and other generic features.
For founders, the misconception that key product features can be quickly and inexpensively implemented often clashes with reality, where significant time and budget are required to develop these crucial aspects of business software.

Here are a few reasons why you should use SaaS starter kits:

  • Reduce development time for boring, generic features, and save the budget for only the important things for your product.
  • Reduce time to market, whether you’re building your product or for another client, a template helps you speed up development.
  • The SaaS boilerplate is easily expandable, allowing you to scale your application architecture dynamically.
  • Reduces complexity and repetitive tasks and provides the ready-made common features that every SaaS needs.

Flatlogic Platform

Flatlogic generates the codebase of a full-stack web app, so you don’t need to create everything yourself – connected to the front-end, back-end, and database are generated, connected, and ready to use. You can start from scratch and spend at least a month creating a comparable app, or you can simply use Flatlogic and have everything ready in minutes! 

Flatlogic provides high-quality React, Angular, and Vue code. The code created by Flatlogic is of the highest quality, covered by documentation and unit tests. You get a personal readme file that describes the app structure and local installation steps. Also, Flatlogic is a good platform to learn how a real, production-ready project is structured and organized. Where else would you be able to see front-end, back-end, database, hosting and Github connected and working out of the box?

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Jumpstart is a perfect starter toolkit for your next Ruby on Rails application. Feel free to forgo any template options and start building your Rails application quickly. All you need, like user authentication and even background processing, is included. Jumpstart is also very well documented. You can even try a light version which is available for free on GitHub.

Boostack provides a ready-to-use codebase that includes everything you need to develop your application. Design, common SaaS features, scalable and ready to go in minutes.

Boostack is built on the MEVN stack, an open-source JavaScript stack, it also provides the most robust code base for your next application with a clear architecture and project structure that you can easily extend or customize.

React Milkshake

React Milkshake is a React boilerplate for developing high-performance web applications rapidly.  While it doesn’t have as many features as the other templates mentioned, it includes a code generator that generates Redux components and code. If you use Redux as a state management tool, using this template will save you a lot of time. React Milkshake includes authentication with Firebase so that your users can register and log into your application. It also works with password reset threads, forms, notifications, and authenticated routes. React Milkshake is a tool in the Javascript UI Libraries category of the technology stack.

Nodewood is Node.js on the backend and Vue on the front end. The validation and models are shared by both parties, so you can save time by writing them once and using them everywhere. There is no need to write, maintain, and debug business logic and validation logic in multiple languages or locations. Validation of forms, testing, authentication and user management, and subscription/billing are all built-in, along with an elegant and customizable application theme with an easily extensible admin console.

Using Nodewood, you get a complete app skeleton and development environment that you can use to start writing your app code right away. You’ll save weeks or even months it takes to get the basics right and securely set up by building your app with Nodewood. You’ll also get access to security and functionality updates as Nodewood improves, allowing you to focus on building and improving your application.


Sjabloon is a cutting-edge Ruby on Rails SaaS boilerplate that includes all the features of SaaS, like Stripe authentication and payments, as well as delivering a huge library of UI components built with Tailwind, the rising CSS framework. That will keep you focused on your core product from the start. Like Jumpstart, it also has a light version, which is available for free on GitHub.

MERNKit is a robust SaaS boilerplate built using MongoDB, Express.js, React.js and Node.js.

This SaaS boilerplate contains all the basic features and a few extra ones. MERNKit was created to be independent of cloud providers, it handles authentication, subscription management, and user management and provides a clean extensible UI built on React and Material-UI.


Wave is a starter kit building on Laravel and Voyager ( Laravel’s popular admin package). It is possible to install the Wave starter kit on your server and customize it according to your needs. Wave integrates with both Stripe and Braintree and is very well-documented. On top of that, it also has support for 3 different starter themes: Bootstrap, UIKit, or Tailwind, you can choose. Wave is also consistent with all other SaaS features, so it will speed up development time considerably when building SaaS from scratch.

Serverless SaaS

A Serverless SaaS boilerplate is the perfect starting point for your next React application. This boilerplate was designed by using TypeScript, Next.js, Tailwind, and Firebase. So you can use user authentication, Stripe payments, commands, and more effortlessly.

Moving to Serverless is a great way to cut costs since the pay-as-you-go pricing model stands for free to start and pay only until your startup gains a real turnover. Likewise, by using Serverless platforms, you don’t have to worry about scalability issues. With a serverless boilerplate, you will outsource many of the responsibilities, enabling you to move faster. This starter kit is why it’s great for individual developers and small teams who want to get something up and manage quickly without spending money.


Gravity is a SaaS application based on React and Node.js running as a boilerplate for these platforms. The application includes many developer-friendly features, including subscription payments to monetize their apps using Stripe-based billing. With React’s complete library, developers can create beautiful user interfaces. It also includes a built-in user authentication system, as well as the ability to connect team members using a special invitation system. Due to elegant pre-installed email notifications, newsletters and updates can be sent to customers within minutes. Managers have access to all users via the main dashboard, which also includes relevant metrics. Functionality in form validation handles all related forms for increased productivity. Meanwhile, thanks to dedicated pages with T&Cs templates and privacy policies, users can easily manage their GDPR compliance efforts. Gravity also comes with a REST API that includes a token authentication system built on Express.js and MySQL.


Using an open-source SaaS boilerplate solution or an off-the-shelf template reduces the cost of building a SaaS platform from scratch. Moreover, most solutions come with all the basic structures that any developer needs.

However, each project has its features and settings, so you need to assess the requirements of your project and the preferred technology stack of the starter kit before choosing the right one for your current project.