We’re excited to show that quality software can be developed quickly! In just 3 days, our team built an example of a Real Estate Application using our AI-based Flatlogic generator!

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The application includes essential features for both real estate professionals and consumers, such as property listings, virtual tour capabilities, and secure transaction processing.

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Our Flatlogic Generator provides a streamlined development process, enabling projects to go from concept to completion in less time. Users benefit from full code ownership and customization options without having to worry about scalability or deployment issues.

The process was very simple:

  1. Using our AI-based Flatlogic Generator, we generated applications by text request: generate a real estate CRM that could manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, to improve customer service relationships, support customer retention, and drive sales growth. It could track customer information, sales transactions, appointments, marketing campaigns, property listings, and more. It could also help real estate agents manage properties and customer data, support customer communications, and manage sales pipelines.
  2. Next, the roles of Agent, Buyer, and Owner were created.
  3. Updated the sidebar styles to improve the look and feel with custom icons for each entity.
  4. Customized dashboard page widgets within the dashboard to display various information about each entity.
  5. Included charts using the recharts package, specifically an area chart to display sales per month.
  6. Generated a pie chart to visualize the distribution of properties with the same number of bedrooms.
  7. Redesigned the Properties page, updating its list style.
  8. Added a map feature to the Properties page to show the location of properties on the list.
  9. Customized the Users page: polished the table styles for better usability and aesthetics.

We are happy to apply the same process to your CRM or any other business application so feel free to reach out. 

About Flatlogic

Flatlogic, a web development company, provides software development services and sells web and mobile application templates online. The company has introduced a text-to-app AI tool called Flatlogic Generator, which can create a web application described in English or through a user interface. This tool offers advantages over low-code/no-code approaches, such as code ownership, customization options, no scalability issues, and universal deployability. Typically, businesses use Flatlogic Generator to develop ERP, CRM, CMS, admin panels, and other data systems. In addition to the generator, Flatlogic also offers customization and integration services. The company is particularly suited for building enterprise business applications and data management systems.

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