A Deloitte survey in 2022 revealed that 82% of respondents believe working with AI technologies will enhance their performance and job satisfaction.

Accenture, a global consulting firm, faced significant challenges in resource allocation before implementing AI-driven solutions, including the complexity of matching consultants’ diverse skill sets with project demands and aligning resources with client expectations. Manual effort and subjective decision-making often result in inefficiencies and inaccuracies. 

However, by embracing AI-driven resource allocation, Accenture has overcome these challenges and set new standards for efficiency, accuracy, and client-centricity in the consulting industry. AI algorithms now suggest the most suitable team members for each project, ensuring projects are staffed with the right expertise, and improving overall project performance and client satisfaction.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the buzzword in 2024. From predictive analysis to image creation to self-driving cars, AI is changing our day-to-day lives in many ways. Project management is quickly catching up to this trend!

This article covers the ten best project management AI tools for enhanced efficiency, improved decision-making, and streamlined workflows, leading to better project outcomes and increased productivity. But, before we dig into the list, let’s understand the key benefits of AI-best project management tools.

Benefits of implementing AI-based project management tools

Implementing AI-based project management software can provide several benefits to organizations:

  1. Enhanced efficiency

AI-driven project management tools are transforming how organizations enhance efficiency, reshaping traditional processes into more streamlined, data-centric operations. By automating routine tasks, these tools not only save time but also improve the accuracy of project planning and execution. They offer dynamic resource allocation, ensuring that teams are utilized effectively, and tasks are prioritized based on real-time data insights. This is especially crucial in fields that demand agility and precision. 2024 Research

Consider a marketing agency aiming to amplify its campaign outcomes. The agency can efficiently allocate resources across various marketing channels and activities by leveraging an AI project management tool. A specific example of this in action is the use of Media Mix Modeling (MMM). The AI tool enables the agency to link independent variables (such as marketing spend on different channels or user engagement metrics) to a dependent variable (such as app downloads or revenue), which provides a comprehensive understanding of all distribution channels and related costs. By using AI-based project management tools combined with other techniques, a marketing agency can precisely map how different marketing spends influence key outcomes. This integration facilitates strategic resource allocation and markedly boosts efficiency by enabling data-backed decisions.

Moreover, these AI tools are equipped to delve into demographic data and monitor consumer behaviors in real-time, allowing the agency to stay informed about emerging trends or changes, ensuring that their marketing messages remain relevant and impactful. 

Through such strategic enhancements, AI-based tools are pivotal in propelling organizations towards achieving their objectives more effectively, marking a significant leap in organizational productivity and strategic foresight.

  1. Improved decision-making

Implementing AI-based project management software significantly improves the decision-making processes. This is again tied back to the AI ability to provide predictive insights based on data analysis, enabling project managers to make informed decisions and anticipate potential outcomes. 

For example, imagine a software development project where an AI-based tool analyzes historical data on similar projects, team performance metrics, and external factors such as market trends

Using this data, the AI tool predicts potential bottlenecks in the project timeline and recommends adjustments to resource allocation or task prioritization to mitigate risks and ensure timely delivery. 

With such predictive capabilities, project managers can proactively address challenges and make strategic decisions that optimize project outcomes and ensure success in project execution.

  1. Personalized recommendations

Leveraging the best AI-best project management tools offers numerous benefits in providing personalized recommendations tailored to the unique needs of various types of businesses. 

For instance, consider a real estate development project where an AI-powered tool analyzes factors such as location preferences, budget constraints, and architectural styles preferred by potential buyers. 

Based on this data analysis, the tool can provide personalized recommendations to the project team regarding the types of properties to invest in, the most suitable amenities to include, and the optimal pricing strategy to adopt.

For example, suppose the tool identifies a trend of increasing demand for eco-friendly features in a particular market segment. In that case, it may be recommended to incorporate sustainable design elements into the project to appeal to environmentally conscious buyers. 

By providing personalized recommendations, AI-based project management tools enable real estate developers to understand market trends better, meet their target audience’s preferences, stay ahead of their vehicle inventory requirements, and maximize their projects’ success.

  1. Real-time collaboration

The best AI-based project management tools go the extra by facilitating real-time collaboration and enhancing communication, coordination, and efficiency. For instance, in a digital advertising campaign, various teams, such as copywriters, designers, and marketers, must collaborate to ensure campaign success. 

Suppose a marketer identifies a trending topic that can be leveraged in an upcoming campaign. In that case, they can immediately notify the copywriting and design teams through the AI tool. The tool can then facilitate brainstorming sessions, suggest relevant keywords or visuals based on data analysis, and track real-time progress. 

AI-based project management software empowers advertising teams to respond quickly to market changes, optimize campaign performance, and deliver compelling content that resonates with target audiences, ultimately driving better results and ROI.

Top 10+ AI Tools For Project Management

Integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into project management processes can revolutionize efficiency, decision-making, and overall project success. Among the myriad of AI project management software available, a few stand out for their robust features and proven effectiveness. We list the 10 best project management AI tools below.

Tool NameWho should use itKey Features
AsanaSmall or large teams who work on complex projects with multiple tasks and stakeholdersAI-powered content organization, categorization, & filteringSmart workflows Predictive AI capabilities Asana Work GraphAutogenerated custom fieldsResource monitoring
ClickupSoftware development teams, construction teams, marketing agencies, and any organization with diverse project needs.Role-specific AI assistanceTemplatized promptsClickup AI toolbarConnected workflowsReal-time dashboards
NotionRemote teams, content creators, creative agencies, and small businesses.DependenciesSocial media calendarContent summarization BrainstormingCustomizable AI Autofill
WrikeMarketing, creative agencies, IT, software development, and professional services.Gantt charts and timelinesCustomizable dashboardsWorkflow automationBudgeting and cost tracking
SmartsheetMarketing, finance, construction, operations, and IT teams.Personalized guidance Automated data analysis and calculationsPrompt answers with visual representationsData security and privacyAI-generated charts
BasecampSmall to medium-sized teams, especially those in marketing agencies, creative agencies, remote teams, and startups.Direct messagingHiii ChartsSearch and notificationsMessage boards
JiraSoftware development teamsIssue trackingVersion control integrationCustomizable dashboardsFlexible permission settings
Monday.comSmall to mid-sized businesses, creative teams, tech startups, remote teams, and project managers across various industriesVisual project trackingCustom workflowsSprint managementBug trackingRoadmap planning
Zoho ProjectsConsulting firms, construction companies, marketing agencies, software development teams, and small businesses.Time trackingBlueprintsCharts and reportingIssue tracking and SLATeam collaboration
HiveTeams of all sizes, particularly those in creative industries, marketing agencies, and technology startupsFlexible project hierarchiesHive NotesHiveMindProject resourcingVisibility


Asana is a powerful project management tool that leverages the power of AI to drive greater innovation, impact, clarity, and scale for executives, departments, and entire organizations. 

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The tool provides a complete project management solution that supports the changing needs of an organization. Asana offers end-to-end project management capabilities while connecting all projects to the highest-level goals and business strategy. 

Asana provides various project management features that facilitate integration with 100+ tools, automate tasks, offer ready-to-use templates, and enable data-driven decision-making through extensive reporting dashboards.

Asana Intelligence

Asana Intelligence, the powerful AI feature Asana brings forward, enables users to:

  • Write more effective project management goals, taking historical performance into account
  • Create more comprehensive status updates faster, with AI pulling from real-time work data to identify risks, open questions, and roadblocks standing in the way of hitting goals. 
  • Use natural language to ask Asana questions and get timely answers and insights about projects, identify blockers, and determine the next steps. 
  • Create workflows that are optimized over time to match specific goals and best practices. 
  • Get a summary of what’s happened in a project during a specific timeframe so that you can get up to speed on any notable changes. 
  • Organize projects to support cross-functional collaboration with auto-generated custom fields.


  • Free plan available
  • Multiple board views
  • Built-in messaging tools
  • Integrates with 100+ apps
  • Cross-team collaboration task management


  • Plans are more expensive as compared to the industry average
  • Interface can be complicated for some users


  • Personal: $0 per month 
  • Starter: $10.99 per user per month (billed annually); $13.49 (billed monthly)
  • Business: $24.99 per user per month (billed annually); $ 30.49 (billed monthly)


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ClickUp is a project management software that primarily focuses on task management and offers a variety of customizable features. It enables teams to handle workloads by simplifying the process of collaboration and multi-step workflow management. 

In addition, it comes with a scalable Hierarchy framework, making it easier to organize complex projects into manageable tasks and subtasks. The project management tool integration capabilities allow it to seamlessly connect with 1,000+ work tools for free, including Figma, Slack, Google Drive, Loom, etc. 

ClickUp AI

ClickUp AI superchargers the efforts into managing projects efficiently. A few things made possible by ClickUp AI include:

  • A conservational, interactive experience based the role in the workspace
  • Entering custom prompts and editing the input or re-prompt AI after the content is generated
  • Quickly seeing what teams in an organization worked on during a selected period with AI StandUp
  • Using natural language to set actions, triggers, and conditions in a workspace
  • Getting an overview of a team’s work or summarizing tasks for insight into risks, blockers, and priorities


  • Forever free plan specifically for individuals
  • 1,000+ integrations
  • Advanced task management
  • Pre-built templates
  • Numerous views available
  • Lots of automation options


  • Top tiers can get pricey for small businesses
  • Interface can be overwhelming for users
  • Time tracking can be glitchy
  • Mobile app is not overly intuitive


  • Free Forever 
  • Unlimited: $7 per month per member
  • Business: $12 per month per member
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing available
  • ClickUp AI: $5 per workspace member per month (Available for all pain plans)


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Notion is a project management tool that combines note-taking, database organization, and collaboration functionalities into a single platform. Its intuitive interface and customizable structure suit individuals, teams, and businesses of all sizes. 

Notion AI

Notion AI includes a powerful AI system within the project management tool that you can use to streamline your writing, analyzing and summarizing existing content and notes, optimizing your workflow, and extracting essential information from it. Notion’s AI features include: 

  • AI Autofill: Summary generation, meeting follow-ups, project updates
  • Upgraded and streamlined sprint plans: Sprint completion workflow, new sprint templates and GitHub integrations
  • Automation: Manual task automation, revamped Slack integration, additional project workflow automation options


  • Free version comes with unlimited pages
  • Low-cost premium plans
  • Highly customizable
  • Immense storage in paid plans
  • Easily share workspaces with guests and team members
  • Unique productivity features, such as habit tracking


  • Limited integrations 
  • Complicated mobile user interface
  • Free plan lacks collaboration features
  • Small business plans lack security features


  • Free: $0 per month 
  • Plus: $8 per user per month (billed annually); $10 per user per month (billed monthly)
  • Business: $15 per user per month (billed annually); $18 per user per month (billed monthly)
  • Enterprise: Contact the Notion sales team for pricing details


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Wrike, a powerful project management platform, enables teams to streamline workflows and enhance collaboration across teams of all sizes. 

The software has an intuitive interface and robust features, empowering users to plan, track, and execute projects with ease. The software provides the needed tools to drive productivity and seamless project execution. 

Wrike’s Work Intelligence

Wrike’s Work Intelligence is a powerful feature that revolutionizes project management by providing advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities. The AI-powered feature enables users to: 

  • Generate plans, briefs, and brainstormed ideas effortlessly using  Generative AI
  • Identify historical patterns and frequent issues with machine learning capabilities
  • Create smarter project workflows using automation suggestions
  • Identify key tasks and automatically create a parent task while deciphering actionable steps and subtasks
  • Delegate actionable items with voice commands


  • No user minimum requirement on the free plan
  • Storage limitations are based on users, not account
  • Custom fields and workflows available on all paid accounts
  • Numerous powerful AI-assisted features on all plans


  • Real-time reports or time tracking is not available on the free or lowest plan
  • Job roles and budgeting are only available in the highest-paid plan
  • Expensive if businesses consider taking add-ons


  • Free: $0 per user per month
  • Team: $9.80 per user per month
  • Business: $24.80 per user per month
  • Enterprise: Contact the team for pricing details
  • Pinnacle: Contact the team for pricing details


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Smartsheet is a cloud-based project management AI software that enables teams to plan, track, automate, and report on tasks or projects. It provides a flexible and intuitive interface resembling a spreadsheet but with added functionality for project management, task tracking, resource allocation, collaboration, and workflow automation. 

Smartsheet allows users to create and manage various work processes, from simple task lists to complex project plans, helping teams stay organized, communicate effectively, and achieve their goals effecitvely.

Smartsheet AI-powered tools

Smartsheet AI capabilities empower users and enhance overall team productivity. The tool:

  • Creates tailored formulas from your input, ensuring faster data-driven decisions 
  • Simplifies work by interpreting objectives and devising clear and tailored text like translations, summaries, or new ad copy.
  • Instantly designs metrics and charts to provide instant visibility and insights into relevant information
  • Provides real-time assistance within the app, delivering accurate answers to your questions


  • Workflow automation is available for all plans
  • Intuitive for spreadsheet users
  • Real-time commenting
  • Easy to understand card, Gantt, and grid views


  • Forever free plan not available
  • Live support is not available
  • Pricing adds up with adds-ons, such as time tracking and resource management 


  • Free:  $0 per user per month
  • Pro:  $7 per user per month (billed annually)
  • Business:  $25 per user per month (billed annually)
  • Enterprise: Contact the team for pricing details


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Basecamp, a user-friendly project management software, centralizes communication, tasks, and files in one platform. With its intuitive interface and straightforward features, Basecamp simplifies project coordination, allowing teams to organize tasks, share updates, and collaborate seamlessly. 

From to-do lists and message boards to file storage and scheduling, Basecamp provides everything teams need to stay organized, communicate effectively, and accomplish their goals efficiently. That’s why Basecamp ranks among the top 10 best project management tools for small teams and businesses.

Basecamp AI integrations

Basecamp integrates various tools that leverage AI to streamline operations effortlessly, enable task automation, enhance workflows, and ensure accurate data analytics.


  • Straightforward and intuitive interface
  • Centralized platform for communication
  • Improved task management
  • Fosters collaboration among team members 
  • Comprehensive client access features


  • Limited customization capabilities
  • Limited integration capabilities
  • Basic reporting and analytics features
  • Mobile application lacks certain features


  • Basecamp: $15 per user per month
  • Basecamp Pro Limited: $299 per month (billed annually); $349 per month (billed monthly)


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Developed by Atlassian, Jira is a popular and widely used project management tool that empowers teams to plan, manage, and track tasks accurately. It provides a versatile platform for task organization, issue tracking, and collaboration across various project stages.

With customizable workflows, agile boards, and comprehensive reporting tools, Jira facilitates agile project management methodologies, such as Scrum and Kanban, enabling teams to adapt and iterate quickly. 

The AI project management software is a central hub for teams to coordinate efforts, communicate effectively, and drive project success through streamlined workflows and real-time visibility into project progress.

JIRA AI-powered tools

Embracing artificial intelligence to enhance project management, Jira leverages AI to automate repetitive tasks, provide predictive insights, and optimize workflows. The tool enables users to:

  • Streamline project processes, enabling teams to work seamlessly and productively 
  • Improve productivity by reducing manual effort
  • Enhance project outcomes by enabling teams to focus on high-impact tasks 


  • Integrates with popular development tools
  • Most features are available across all plans 
  • Manage resources with capacity planning (higher tiers)


  • Complicated guest access allowance
  • Limited support for lower-tier plans
  • Steep learning curve


  • Free: $0 (up to 10 users)
  • Standard: $8.15 per user ($81.5 monthly)
  • Premium: $16 per user ($160 monthly)
  • Enterprise: Contact the team for pricing details


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Monday.com offers a visual and customizable project management tool that empowers teams to organize work using boards, timelines, and dashboards tailored to their needs. Monday.com facilitates seamless communication and coordination among team members with features like drag-and-drop and real-time collaboration. 

Monday.com offers integrations with popular tools and services, further enhancing its functionality and interoperability—the tool is a one-stop solution for planning, collaborating, tracking, and executing tasks seamlessly.

Monday AI

Monday.com introduced AI-powered automation that enables users to streamline workflows and enhances productivity. The tool ensures users can: 

  • Create custom workflows and automate repetitive tasks to reduce manual effort and save time
  • Quickly design emails of any kind using smart template suggestions
  • Summarize lengthy topics in seconds to free up time for other high-priority tasks


  • Free trials to test advanced features
  • User-friendly mobile app version
  • Plethora of  integrations
  • Attractive, easily customizable interface
  • Abundant templates
  • Collaboration across organizations and external teams


  • A steep learning curve 
  • Limited features in the lower tiers
  • Cluttered boards for in-depth or complex projects
  • Frequent glitches with new features
  • Limited reporting options


  • Free: $0 (free forever)
  • Basic: $9/seat/month (total $27 billed annually) 
  • Standard: $12/seat/month (total $36 billed annually) 
  • Pro: $19/seat/month (total $57 billed annually) 
  • Enterprise: Contact the team for pricing details

Zoho Projects

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Designed to streamline project workflows and improve team collaboration, Zoho Projects can easily plan, track, and collaborate on projects. The platform offers customizable project templates and task lists to suit various project management methodologies, including agile and traditional approaches. 

Zoho Projects also facilitates seamless communication among team members through chat, forums, and document sharing. Additionally, its integration with other Zoho apps and third-party tools enhances its functionality, allowing for a more cohesive project management experience.

Zoho Projects and AI

The integration of Zoho Projects with OpenAI’s capabilities enhances project management processes. The tool ensures: 

  • Accurate predictive analytics
  • Smarter decision-making. 
  • Optimize resource allocation
  • Improve collaboration
  • Achieve better project outcomes


  • Offers a free plan along with affordable paid plans
  • No mandatory minimum user requirement 
  • Includes built-in chat
  • Numerous customization options


  • Limited customer support
  • It’s mandatory to create project templates
  • Limited storage space 


  • Free: $0 (up to 3 users)
  • Premium: $3.38 per user per month (billed annually)
  • Enterprise: $7.6 per user per month (billed annually)


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Hive is an AI-based project management software that offers numerous features to help teams streamline their workflows and collaborate effectively. With Hive, teams can easily plan projects, assign tasks, track progress, and communicate in real time, all within a single platform.

Hive also integrates with popular productivity tools like Slack, Google Drive, and Zoom, allowing seamless communication and file sharing. With built-in analytics and reporting capabilities, Hive provides valuable insights into project performance, enabling teams to make data-driven decisions and optimize processes.


Hivemind by Hive is an innovative project management solution that harnesses artificial intelligence to maximize team productivity and collaboration. HiveMind empowers users to:

  • Generate the perfect response to work emails in seconds
  • Create blogs, meeting agendas, business plans, whatever is required for a project
  • Generate new graphics and images by feeding the AI tool a simple prompt
  • Spellcheck or translate your content as required


  • User-friendly interface that is easy to navigate
  • Robust collaboration feature
  • Customizable workflows tailored to their project needs
  • Allows integration with various third-party tools and platforms
  • Built-in time tracking features


  • Limited reporting features
  • Mobile application limitations
  • Customization constraints


  • Free: $0
  • Starter: $1 per user per month 
  • Teams: $3 per user per month 
  • Enterprise: Contact the team to get pricing details


In conclusion, the integration of artificial intelligence tools has significantly transformed the project management landscape. These AI-powered solutions offer many features and capabilities to streamline project workflows, enhance collaboration, and drive overall productivity. 

From advanced data analytics to predictive insights, these solutions empower project managers to make informed decisions and adapt to changing circumstances with agility. As technology continues to evolve, it’s evident that AI leads the change and plays a crucial role in optimizing project management processes, ultimately leading to greater success in achieving project objectives. 

Embracing these innovative tools promises to revolutionize how projects are managed and underscores the importance of leveraging AI to stay competitive in today’s dynamic business environment.