Headless React CMS: Use React to Start Your MVP faster

Checking out and testing our Headless React CMS to streamline business processes and building customer or supplier relationships, stay connected, managing and sharing the data. Centralize your data and focus on your work

React CMS for

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Set up your ecommerce store with Headless React CMS. Create and manage your Ecommerce store with ease!

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Time tracking

Headless React CMS is a perfect solution for time tracking and time reporting. Build your seamless time tracking tool to count the hours and build your workflow efficiently.

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Books store

Run your bookstore website based on Headless React CMS. The digital world affected also the world of books. Design your own bookstore as the best platform for e-learning.

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Content is the king! Share the latest news or knowledge, stories and experiences from the whole world. Quickstart your blog platform with Headless React CMS.

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Headless React CMS can be used for buildin’ chat-based services, enabling users to communicate and consult.

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Custom solutions

Create a success-driven content management system based on React for to fit your next project. Customize and get the most of the system to reflect your business processes!


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The Benefits of Headless React CMS


Choose React for your CMS

Being a JavaScript library, React is loved for JSX, syntax, and virtual DOM usage. Plus, React CMS is the most popular library commonly used by the majority of frontend developers worldwide. React CMS will help you to create and manage your content in the most convenient way. React is one of the leading technologies for creating a modern application with a straightforward API.


Enhance your app performance

Process performance matters! Using React CMS is a way to fetch and structure your data consistently and improve the app performance. React will make all the process work smoothly. Thanks to reusable React components based approach, you will get a ready management system faster with all the basic options inside that will help managing content effectively.


GraphQL benefits for your React CMS

With an open-source GraphQL environment, you will be able to create robust React CMS for managing, storing, and retrieving all your content correctly. GraphQL API eases the process of connecting your React components with your inner content, data fetching and getting API responses.


React as a proven background for your CMS

React is rightfully the most popular clientside tool for creating UIs and productive web platforms. And we can prove it by the years of working with Reactjs and by significant results in creating ready-made templates for websites, web apps, and mobile apps.


Test, create and tailor your Headless React CMS

React CMS resolves the problems of managing structured content in an easy way. With Flatlogic React CMS you will get a highly extensible management system. If you need to add third-party APIs such as a payment system, eCommerce provider, or add some specific widget, you will be able to customize content validations for your needs.


React community

React is famous for its broad community in front-end development, among designers and developers from all over the world. React CMS will help you to create and manage your content in the most convenient way. If you have some questions, get in touch with React community here.




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What you will get

As a result you will get the source code of pre-build data management (CRUD) application, with the personalized design, components and pages to match your business domain. You will also get swagger documentation for better backend testing. All you need is to deploy it to your server and start to use. Additionally, you can modify the code according to your needs.