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Freshride is a leading auto service provider based in Vilnius, offering a wide range of services for cars.


Freshride is a leading auto service provider based in Vilnius, offering a wide range of services for cars. Recognizing the need for an efficient online system to manage appointments and payments, Freshride sought to create a comprehensive web platform where customers could seamlessly select and pay for services.


Business challenges

The key challenge was to develop a robust e-shop and content management system that was both user-friendly and capable of handling various integrations. Key specifications included the ability to update news, multi-language support, a shopping cart, discount features, billing integration, and more. Crucially, the platform had to be able to generate and send invoices to buyers instantly, maintain an order history, and integrate with MarkSign's existing CRM system and electronic document storage system.



  • Implementation of web page/e-shop content management system
  • Products & Services module base (categories, attributes, output)
  • Shopping cart module
  • Discount module
  • Choice of product delivery time
  • History of orders in the account
  • Provide additional support for multiple languages
  • News module
  • Stylized map (interactive)
  • Integration with the payment system (NeoPay)
  • Integration with CRM system for automated transfer of data related to customers and orders: Import of orders, Order status update, Order history
  • Integration with the electronic document signing system for automated storage of signed documents (MarkSign)
  • Generating the invoice in PDF and sending it to the customer
  • Appointment system on the Cart page and in Admin panel


VueJS Nuxt 3 typeorm NodeJS fastify PostgreSQL AWS


Combining a team of skilled developers and a suite of advanced technologies, Flatlogic set out to build a solution tailored to Freshride's unique needs. Using Vue 3, Nuxt 3, TypeORM, Node.js, Fastify, PostgreSQL, and AWS, the team was able to create an intuitive, feature-rich platform to enhance the customer experience.

The resulting e-shop and content management system seamlessly integrated all required modules. The interactive map and stylized interface provided a user-friendly experience. Users can now conveniently select a service, choose a time slot, and pay online, making the booking process smoother. Integration with NeoPay streamlined the payment process while ensuring secure transactions.


An automated data transfer system was also set up to work with the CRM, allowing orders and customer information to be updated easily and accurately. A document signing system, MarkSign, was also integrated to automatically store signed documents. The multi-language support and rebate module allowed for greater customer outreach and incentives.

By working closely with Freshride and understanding their unique requirements, Flatlogic successfully delivered an effective e-shop solution. The new online platform has not only improved Freshride's customer experience but also its internal administration and management capabilities. This project is a testament to Flatlogic's commitment to providing advanced, scalable, and efficient web solutions tailored to individual business needs.

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