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CiviLaw.Tech collaborates with courts to create intuitive self-help tools, allowing individuals to independently navigate legal procedures.


CiviLaw.Tech collaborates with courts to create intuitive self-help tools, allowing individuals to independently navigate legal procedures. Their signature offering includes guided interviews which facilitate the generation of legal documents tailor-fit to court specifications. Previously reliant on third-party tools for form intake and generation, along with a custom yet restrictive dashboard, CiviLaw.Tech identified the necessity of an improved, adaptable dashboard solution.


Business challenges

CiviLaw.Tech faced several critical challenges:

  • The need for a robust dashboard system to handle submissions from numerous online forms with expandability.
  • A requirement for an easy-to-use and clear landing page offering a holistic view of submissions.
  • The ability to store and manage extensive data fields from guided interviews and form submissions.
  • Establishing settings for user authentication, user management, court management, and integrating role-based permissions.
  • Securing data storage whilst maintaining the ability to host the solution on CiviLaw.Tech's own Digital Ocean account.
  • A demand for thorough documentation and cooperation with CiviLaw.Tech's internal team for ongoing updates and maintenance.



Leveraging Flatlogic's Generator, combined with the adaptable Sofia React Template, a custom-tailored web-based dashboard was created to meet all of CiviLaw.Tech's demands. Key features included:

  • A landing page offering instant analytics and submissions data, a submissions tab for detailed entry info, and the ability to edit settings for guided interviews.
  • User-friendly design for setting up new forms, with a mechanism for bulk upload of form fields.
  • Court county settings to facilitate tailored processing of submissions, including bulk imports and individual configuration.
  • DOCX template settings for managing document templates used in legal form generation, with options for file naming, conditions for generation, and email attachment criteria.
  • Global settings for managing access control and a change log for dashboard modifications.
  • Emphasis on secure data practices, with encrypted databases and compartmentalized infrastructure for code, database, and storage.


The successful deployment of the solution has allowed CiviLaw.Tech to efficiently manage legal form submissions and settings, with the versatility to scale and adapt as court requirements evolve. With the commitment to thorough documentation and collaboration, the foundation has been laid for a smooth operation now and into the future. The expertise from Flatlogic in delivering custom enterprise applications proved once more to be a key asset for organizations looking to bolster their operational efficiency through tailored software solutions.



CiviLaw.Tech needed a comprehensive and scalable dashboard to streamline the process of gathering user-submitted forms for court proceedings, providing users with a way to generate and electronically file forms, and offering a centralized system for settings and analytics.


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