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Antibex - Custom Software Development


Antibex Software is a Toronto based company that has been helping medical practitioners manage key operational aspects of their practice. Antibex specializes in the development of process automation applications for medical clinics.


Business challenges

The client came to us with a task to fully re-develop their application from the ground up. The original way of keeping track of medical data was neither safe nor efficient anymore, so Antibex wanted a full architecture redesign for both internal and external clients. So we re-imagined their customer journey and built both UI and UX using our methodology and expertise.


Understanding the overarching theme of the industry, we built a brand new web application for medical case management and team collaboration. As a core foundation of the project, we used our Angular template admin dashboard and developed a brand new logic for the backend.


  • Machine Learning & Data Science
  • Angular Framework
  • UX & UI Development


Angular Java Spring Hibernate Maria DB
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