More and more developers are currently deciding to boost their workflow, minimize unnecessary tasks, and structure their virtual desks through admin panels with Node.js backend.

Why Node.js you may ask? Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment. That means that the main advantage of using this platform is that you can have frontend and backend in one programming language. That allows you to synchronize the data in both parts of your app. That speeds up the development process significantly.

Admin template with Node.js backend not only provide you with ready frontend part of your application but also include some pre-made backend. Various login methods, product management, CRUD application, PostgreSQL can be already integrated with the admin panel. 

There’s no secret that becoming bigger, better and stronger within your development role requires some form of a switch or shift, in order to allow you to work productively. There’s a big difference in being productive and being busy, although the main key to effectively engage in this type of switch, is to equip yourself with the accurate tools. Today, we’ll do just that. We’re going to bounce through five various admin templates with Node.js backend, in order for you to improve your developing-productivity today.

Light Blue React Node.js Admin Template

Light Blue React Node.js is a React admin template integrated with Node.js backend and PostgreSQL. It’s an extremely good fit for anyone looking to build E-Commerce apps, CMS, SASS web apps, CRM, etc. since it contains ready-to-use working Authentication, Social Login and Product Management components. The template also comes with 60+ ready-to-use and customizable UI components. In order to get started, all you need to do is to deploy the app and you’re good to go.

Admin Templates With Node.js


  • PostgreSQL integrated
  • CRUD Application 
  • 60+ ready-to-use and customizable UI components
  • React 16.5.2
  • Deep Background
  • 8 Chart Libraries
  • E-Commerce section
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Pricing: $99                Learn more                Demo               Documentation

Argon Admin Dashboard Pro Node.js

For this admin template, Creative Tim partnered with Udevoffice to provide a fully coded “frontend + backend” solution. It features a great number of components in order to help you create any website you desire. The main benefit of this dashboard is it provides a lightweight, fast, scalable and modern way to build your app. 

Admin Templates With Node.js


  • 16 customized plugins
  • 200 handcrafted elements
  • 25 example pages
  • SASS Files
  • Sketch Files

Pricing: $149                Learn more                Demo               Documentation

Sing App Vue Node.js Admin Template

Sing App Vue Node.js is an admin template integrated with Node.js backend and Postgres database. Product management pages and various login methods already implemented and ready to use. The app is ready to be deployed to any amazon aws, heroku, etc. It will be a great starting point if you are building SAAS, CMS, E-commerce applications and want to save time and money. You’ll also be greeted with 60+ ready-to-use and customizable UI components.

Admin Templates With Node.js


  • 60+ ready-to-use and customizable UI components
  • The latest version of Vue.js
  • CRUD Application 
  • PostgreSQL integrated
  • Theme Support
  • E-Commerce Section
  • Static & Hover Sidebar

Pricing: $99               Learn more               Demo               Documentation

Node.js MongoDB Starter Bundle

This bundle is the a minimal package of ngx-admin integrated with Node.js backend. It contains JWT Authentication for both UI and Backend and Basic User Management. You’re able to choose from two different bundles based on your needs: the Starter Pack or the E-Commerce Kit. E-Commerce Kit has some additional features such as order details page and sample order table. The dashboard is based on Angular ngx-admin, Express REST API, MongoDB, and other popular and useful technologies.  If are searching for documentation for this template, you should know that documentation is supplied with deliverable archive.

Admin Templates With Node.js


  • Angular and Node.js Projects
  • ExpressJS, MongoDB Integration
  • Public and JWT secured API endpoints
  • Auth/Register/Password recovery forms and APIs
  • Profile page CRUDL

Pricing: $89               Learn more      

Lexa Admin Template                       

Lexa is built with Bootstrap 4, Node.js and JQuery. It’s a fully responsive and have the clean user interface that includes a great collection of components, widgets, and UI elements.

Horizontal layout of this admin template is looking good, this is a very nice peculiarity. Lexa have maintained a very high quality code for all versions so developers can easily customize it according to their requirements. It is a flexible admin template and can be used to build all kinds of projects. 

Admin Templates With Node.js


  • Horizontal & Vertical Layouts
  • Node version 9.11.2
  • SASS Support
  • Login, register, error pages
  • Calendar view
  • Form validation
  • Invoice with ready print button
  • Directory List page
  • Google maps
  • Drop zone file upload
  • Summernote Editor
  • 6+ Charts Library
  • Datatables

Pricing: $22               Learn more               Demo