Today we are launching React Native App Generator on Product Hunt. For years and years, we are striving to cut development time, we were creating both web and mobile templates that saved thousands of dollars for our clients. And here we are making a huge leap forward. We are creating a generator that configures a React Native boilerplate for your project.

React Native App

Go to the React Native Apps Generator page!

You can check out the beta version of this generator. You can also watch a video on a Product Hunt page. It’s just a quick guide on how to use this tool. Please note that the project is currently at a beta stage. You can leave your email and we will notify you as soon as we are ready. 

React Native App

Watch a Video Tutorial!

The generator includes visual editor. You need to choose the color theme and components needed. React Native App Generator auto-generates all the necessary code for components you have chosen. And after that, you can connect it with your backend and database if you have one.